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Folder Connect

Folder Connect is an option for importing files from a remote folder using FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. Like other Connect options it is an Add-On that connects out to a service that you have access to and requires Registration and credentials to set up. For simple file transfer you can use a service like One Drive or iCloud. Folder Connect give you more control to monitor remote folders and automatical

Folder URL

Folder Connect lets you set an online folder to check for import files. This online folder has a unique URL just like any address you put in a browser. Enter the URL carefully so it will always work. If you have any questions, email support@bigbusiness.com for help.

Ths Solution provides details for entering a Folder URL. (6931)

File Kind

File Kind lets you tell Big Business to only look for one kind of file when using automated imports in Connect tools. If you are using Folder Connect to check a remote folder, providing the Kind of file you are expecting reduces the possibility of error or confusion when the wrong kind of file is accidentally dropped in the target folder. If you have any questions, email support@bigbusiness.com

Import File

Import File is the name assigned in Docs to an online file used to create an entry. For example, using Folder Connect, Big Business might import an order by downloading an XML file. This file is attached to the Order for reference.

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Export To

Export To is the destination for export files, such as a remote folder for Invoices that are sent to customers purchasing systems. It can be a full URL, or a relative path, or a folder.

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