Smart Units

Smart Units will translate from your base unit to optimized Units that you sell. If you sell sodas, you might only offer cases (CS, 24 per) and packs (PK, 6 per) only. Enter an Order for 40 each (EA, 1 per) and Big Business will automatically replace this with:
1 CS
3 PK

That's 42. And now you're wondering, What if?

If you want to skip conversion, add EA (1) as a Unit for this Item and it will not be replaced.

If you want exact conversion add a different Unit for singles (Can, 1x, PCS for 1 per). Contact for setup help.

This Solution describes this feature. (6816)

Smart Units fills in the Units that you sell, automatically.

When you set up Unit of Measure, enter your base unit (EA, 1 per). Then on an Item enter Units sold (CS, PK) and their Qty's (24, 6).

You can then enter Units sold, such as 3 CS, which Smart Units will ignore. Or enter base units that are not sold (40 EA) and Smart Units will convert (1 CS, 3 PK).

To turn on Smart Units:
1. Go to the Company card to the Advanced tab.
2. Click the checkbox for Enable Smart Units.
3. Click OK to save changes.
You must restart Big Business for this change to take effect.


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