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Chapter 63 Security

Big Business has built-in strong security.

This chapter provides an overview so you can see the importance of Passwords and other Access Controls.

This Solution provides details. (7135)
Chapter 63 Security

Notify Reference

Notify Reference enables automatic notifications.

For an online order, you might put the web order number into Customer PO# so you know how the order was placed. If you want the customer automatically notified, put the same web order number into Notify Ref#, so they will know what order shipped.

Notify Ref# is required so the customer receiving notifications can identify the source. If they re

Mark Shipped

Mark Shipped lets you enter Tracking, which is normally entered by your connection to UPS or FedEx. It sets Shipping Status to "Shipped" and sets Tracking to the entry provided. This information is used for Notify features, which automatically send these entries to your customer. (7138)

Landed Zero

Landed Cost is an optional entry which can be used for Quotes and Margins for setting pricing. If you enter a cost in Landed Cost it will calculate a Landed Cost Percentage, which is used to adjust Landed Cost when Vendor Cost changes.

If you enter zero (0) for Landed Cost it will erase Landed Cost Percentage, too, effectively disabling this option. If you want Landed Cost to be zero (to be use
Quotes Use Cost, Average Cost, or Landed Cost

Landed Margin

Big Business calculates Margins using Landed Cost when Margin Cost in the Item Prefs is set to Landed Cost. If Landed Cost and Landed Cost Percentage are not entered it uses Vendor Cost for the calculation.

Margin is Price minus Cost, divided by Price. (7140)
Margin Cost

Screen Recording

MacOS Catalina requires permission for Screen Capture.

Without permission, the Docs Screen Capture feauture will return an error:
Error when executing the method "bDoc_New" at line number 6.
The pathname is invalid. File Not Found. Blah, blah, blah.

To fix, enable Screen Recording permission as detailed below. (6992)
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