Notify Reference

Notify Reference enables automatic notifications.

For an online order, you might put the web order number into Customer PO# so you know how the order was placed. If you want the customer automatically notified, put the same web order number into Notify Ref#, so they will know what order shipped.

Notify Ref# is required so the customer receiving notifications can identify the source. If they receive order confimation from your web store and shipment confirmation from Big Business, they can match the two since both have the web order number.

Notify Ref# can also be an Order Number or ID from their procurement system so they can receive automatic notifications about its status.

This Solution provides details for using this feature. (7137)

To use Notify Ref#, set up automated notification such as Web Notify. Then import Notify Ref# (pictured) or enter on screen using From Quote /Order pulldown to switch to Notify Ref#.