TaxJar Rollup

Big Business 13.35 fixes the TaxJar Rollup function, which is used in special circumstances to change the Response from TaxJar. The function of TaxJar Connect is to send Taxable Subtotal and Shipping amounts with Address information to get a real-time estimate of the tax to collect based on Nexus information you provide.

  OC Dates

Big Business 13.35 adds Order Confirmation Dates for items on sales orders and purchase orders. This gives you an extra date for keeping an original, confirmed ETA for the item, while changing the regular ETA if it is revised. The ETA's can change to show new expected time of arrival, while the OC Dates keep original commitment or request or other secondary date for reference.

  Tab Change

Big Business 13.35 updates Auto-Zoom to refresh when you change Tabs on Account, Bank, Bill, Bin, Category, Company, Contact, Customer, Employee, Invoice, Item, Item Adjustment, Journal, Order, Pay, Payment, PO, Quote, Requisition, Schedule, Store, Transfer, Vendor, and Warehouse.

  Insert Page

Big Business 13.35 updates Auto-Zoom to insert a start page on Bill, Bin, Company, Invoice, Item Adjustment, Journal, Quote, Requisition, Store, Transfer, and Warehouse.

Big Business 13.37 fixes errors this caused such as double-clicking or validation errors on the wrong tab of a Bill.

  Auto-Zoom Optimize

Auto-Zoom Optimize resets some alignment corrections that are no longer needed.

  Field Style

Field Style is a new option in My Prefs and lets you change the outline or border of Fields. Options include:
• No Border - this setting removes the box
• System Border - on Windows this setting highlights the box on entry
• Classic Border - on Windows this setting creates a sunken effect

  Lock Invoices

Lock Invoices lets you exceed your regular system protection settings for just invoices. Enter a Lock Invoices Date and any invoice on or before that date will be locked.

  Credit Cards

Big Business 13.35 updates Credit Cards to Apple Optimize.