Chapter 624 On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery helps you track original ETA's and delivery dates for comparison.

BigBusiness includes customizations for additional dates, for original confirmed ETA's. This allows you to update regular ETA's if they change and keep originals for analysis.

This option requires Enterprise Edition, or Open Edition to allow more customization.

  Business Intelligence

A 20-year-user of Big Business was acquired by a 500-year-old German conglomerate.

New requirements needed BigBusiness and Microsoft Power BI to report data to SAP. ETA's for PO's and Orders were needed for all deliveries to determine On Time results.

This prompted many changes in BigBusiness to track OC Dates for original ETA date. Line Numbers were customized to link rows shipped to rows ordered in exported data.

  Original Confirmation

Original Confirmation lets you keep original ETA Dates for items on Orders and PO's.

OC Dates keep the original, confirmed ETA for items, while the real ETA may change. This gives you an additional date on each Line Item for exporting for external reporting.

Enabled in Company card, Advanced Options, OC Dates require an Enterprise license. They appear on Expanded tabs of Sales Order and Purchase Order and Detail Exports.