Credit Cards

Credit Cards are handled in two ways in Big Business: safe storing and fast processing.

Safe storing of credit cards is built-in to each Big Business and just needs to be enabled. This is done by turning on Secure Passwords, then Secure Credit Cards, and restarting.

Fast processing of credit cards uses the Authorize.Net Connect Add-On plus service. You need an account with Authorize.Net, a Visa Solution, and any Merchant Account. If you have a swiper for walk-in customers, you already have your Merchant Account.

Of course many options are available for a custom connection to your service provider, many imports support online payments, and the bottom line is always cost efficiency. This Solution will list changes, such as to the Credit Card widget and dialogs to update.

Big Business 13.70 and Big Business 14.27 update Credit Card widget appearance, again.

Big Business 13.35 updated the Credit Card widget to Apple Optimize.


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