Chapter 43 Folder Connect

Folder Connect is an add-on to automatically connect to remote folders and check for new files to import. After importing, it can export and send files to another folder.

If you use a service that lets you download files to import, Folder Connect can automate this process. It only takes a phone call to walk through the needed settings, test your desired setup, and go live with auto-connect.


  Excel Connect

We can offer a new way to create Excel files, automatically and with custom formatting, to replace the Applescript way, which is now severly impeded.

If you are using an Applescript customization to generate formatted reports in Excel, it still works, but is terribly slow. Please contact about migrating to a modern solution.

  Purchase Order Receipts

The Purchase Order Receipts report will provide a listing of Items on Purchase Orders. This report uses a Vendor Search and a Date Range for ETA Dates. The results include Vendor, Item, PO#, PO ETA, Received, Days Late, and Comment.

  Update MySQL

Big Business 13.33 updates MySQL connectivity to Apple Optimize.

  PO Lines

PO Lines is a new option for Line Prefs to match line numbers from the PO to Bills.

When enabled this setting links items on the Bill to items on the PO and shows the Line Number from the PO in the PO # column on the Bill window.

Exports of POs and Bills are automatically updated to include PO Line #'s.

  Chapter 312 Line Prefs

Big Business provides options for showing Line Numbers on screen for reference.

When this option is turned on, you can click on the Number to see options such as:
• Add Row Above
• Add Row Below
• Move To Row 1

  Payment Over-applied

Payment Overapplied is a feature request to block users from entering Applied amounts that exceed the payment amount.

If you have a positive payment with a negative unapplied amount--or a negative payment with a positive unapplied amount--the payment cannot be saved.

Prepayments or payments that are fully unapplied or partially unapplied are perfectly okay, and there are numerous options in Big

  Duplicate Tracking

Big Business 13.33 updates Order Tracking and Shipping Status so they are cleared when Duplicate is used with a shipped order.