Chapter 312 Line Prefs

Big Business provides options for showing Line Numbers on screen for reference.

When this option is turned on, you can click on the Number to see options such as:
• Add Row Above
• Add Row Below
• Move To Row 1

  Line Prefs

Line Prefs control whether you see Line features like Line Numbers.

This Solution describes this setting. (6627)

  Line Numbers

Line Numbers are now an option for transactions with Line Items:
• Quote, Order, Invoice
• Request, Purchase Order, Bill
• Item Adjustment, Warehouse Transfer

Line Numbers enable new features to:
• Show - click to show the Item
• Insert - click to add a row above or below
• Sort - use the Sort button even on saved transactions
• Reorder - click to Move To another row

This Solution describ

  Customer Line Numbers

Line Numbers from customer PO's can be added to Orders and included on Invoices. This works for import and export to procurement systems where this is required. For adapting to another use, please contact (6936)

  PO Lines

PO Lines is a new option for Line Prefs to match line numbers from the PO to Bills.

When enabled this setting links items on the Bill to items on the PO and shows the Line Number from the PO in the PO # column on the Bill window.

Exports of POs and Bills are automatically updated to include PO Line #'s.