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Ecwid Error

Ecwid Connect will respond with an Error if there are any problems with a request. If you turn on Auto-Connect you will receive any errors in a Note.

Big Business requires that you map IDs (error pictured).

This Solution provides details. (7073)

Ecwid Connect

Ecwid Auto-Connect

Contact Roles

Big Business includes Contacts which are linked to Customers or Vendors to handle a few basic functions:
• you can list Ship-To Addresses for a customer for easy selection
• you can list Email Addresses for a customer for easy sending of PDF's

Contact Roles are checkboxes that let you set a Contact as:
• Refundee - to set a Mailing Address for Refund Checks
• Email Statements - to set an Emai
Chapter 73 BigCommerce II

Ecwid Fields

Big Business 12.32 updates Ecwid Fields. Ecwid Connect is an add-on for Big Business that lets it get Customers and Orders automatically or on demand from Ecwid Ecommerce.

Automatic settings are updated. If you have custom Mappings saved, you will need to update them. This Solution provides details. (7176)

Ecwid Connect

Ecwid Store

Banks List

Bank Accounts are Accounts with special status and features including:
• they are protected
• they work with Banking tools
• they do not work with Accounting tools


Chapter 74 Barcodes

Big Business has options for using Barcodes, including:
• Alternate Item Codes for matching preprinted Barcodes like UPC's
• printing Barcodes on built-in forms
• printing Barcodes on Custom Forms


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