Barcode Settings

Barcode Settings help automate adding scanned items to a transaction, such as a Sales Order or Invoice. You can program the barcode scanner to send a preamble, and Big Business will add a Line Item. There are also setting to print barcodes on select transactions.

This Solution provides a description of the Barcode Settings.
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Big Business includes Bar Code Settings so that Big Business can automatically add a scanned item to a Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice.

The Bar Code Settings tool is located on the System toolbar and has two settings:

1. Preamble - this is a character that you program the bar code scanner to send before any scanned data so that Big Business knows that you have scanned an item and need the cursor in the item entry area. To use the character pictured, ^, you would refer to the documentation for the scanner to add ^ as a preamble. If you are using a standardized format such as UPC-A that includes the preamble or "system character," *, you would change the contents of the Preamble field in Big Business to *.

2. Item Field - this is the field that receives the scanned information, where Big Business should insert the scanned code to look up the item. If you are using Alternate Item Codes for scannable UPCs, for example, you would set the Item Field to Item Code to use Alternate Item Codes. If you have entered or imported codes into Description1 or Description2, you would choose the field that contains this scannable code.

There are also several checkboxes for printing barcodes:

Barcode on Sales Order
Barcode on Sales Order Line Items
Barcode on Invoice
Barcode on Purchase Order
Barcode on Price Labels


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