Windows Service Stops

Big Business Server can be set to run as a Service in Windows Server to automate start.

Test the new Service by click Start in Services to see if the Service immediately stops. If so it may have Permissions issue which you can resolve by setting the Service to use the same Account that allows you to run it as an application and stores your settings.

  Curl Error

Curl Error is a new alert in Authorize Connect reporting possible connection problems.

The pictured error occurs when the internet connection is lost and is unreachable.

  Print Error

The pictured error, Error when executing the procedure "PrintOptions2" at Line number 41, is a regression bug from Big Business 13.66 that occurs when saving and printing while using TaxJar with custom mappings instead of Automatic settings.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31.

  Invoice Payments

Invoice Payments was not updated for Advanced Listboxes. This oversight is corrected in Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31.

Formatting of the Discounts column is fixed in Big Business 14.33

  Verify Payments

Verify Payments can fix invoices with payment issues. With Locking disabled, it is possible to edit payments and create problems with linking of payment and invoice.

Big Business 13.74 and Big Business 14.31 increase the power of Verify to remove unneeded payment links. Please email if you need help.

  Verify Errors

Big Business 13 is more strict and could give errors when using Verify to recalculate. The pictured error, Error when executing the method SurgicalUpdate at Line 829, occurs after Verify on Invoice Receipts and can be safely ignored by clicking Continue.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.73 and Big Business 14.30.

  Invoice Categories

Invoice Categories caught a regression bug in the Big Business 13.46 Database Update. The Categories pane loses focus and does not update or edit or Add entries unless you first click into an existing entry, which may not be possible if there are none present.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.73 and Big Business 14.30.

  Requisitions Search

Requisitions Search is updated so it prints Requisition List.

This is fixed for Big Business 13.72 and Big Business 14.29.

  Statement Comments

Statement Comments are originally a customization to print a comment at the bottom of Statements when a Discount for early payment can be taken on the current balance.

Turn on Statement Comments in the Customer Prefs, in the Customer Card Prefs, and fill in the box for any Text you would like to include across the bottom of statements.

  Discounts Printing

Formatting changes resulted in Discounts not printing on built-in forms with Discount.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.73 and Big Business 14.30.

  Search Color

Search Color changes override automatic coloring for objects like Filter that may iritate. The need for documentation is that there are now three moving targets to contend with.

If you notice a coloring problem -- here the rounded rectange for filter was distracting-- please email being sure to include any platform information.

This fix was made for Big Business 14 run

  Subform Color

Subform Color changes the appearance of Line Items to support Dark Mode on Macs.

  Red Fields

Big Business turns various fields red to highlight a negative value or date that is locked.

These include Invoice Date, Invoice Landed Profit %, Inovice Profit %, Order Date, Order Landed Profit %, Order Profit %, Quote Date, Quote Expiry, Quote Landed Profit %, Quote Profit %, and others that have beeen updated for Apple optimization.

  Discount Fields

Discount Fields are updated for Apple. These include Customer History, Invoice Expanded, Invoice Billing, Quote Expanded, Order Expanded, and Order Billing.

  Quick List

Quick List is updated for Apple. The List tool on the Reporting toolbar is used to display results from the Show dropdown. Access to the tool is now automatic.

  Dynamic Fields

Big Business 14 lets you select any entry to Copy, like an address, even when Locked. Also, the color of each field is automatically set by the system to support Dark Mode.

Dynamic Fields change their enterability automatically and need to be updated for this. For example, Terms may automatically lock for some users, which affects its coloring.

Dynamic Fields being updated include: Terms, Other

  Inactive Employees

Inactive has been updated on Employee cards to work in conjunction with Load Only. Load Only is the option in Employee Prefs to remove entries with Termination Dates. Inactive works for Sign In using Company Prefs and with My Prefs after you sign in.

  Import Dialog

The Import Dialog for mapping fields has been updated for future Mac compatibility.

  CSV Imports

Big Business automatically recognizes the .csv extension and imports CSV files in lieu of .txt, Tab-Text files normally recommended, because there are may sources such as Apple Numbers or downloads of transaction histories that use the CSV format.

However, prior to Big Business 13.67 and Big Business 14.24 .csv was not recognized when it was capitalized, that is .CSV. To work around this problem

  Find Error

Big Business 14.24 fixes a problem where it decides to move your preset choices in the Find Dialog off screen. This problem occurs with Memorized settings and whenever you add more than three criteria to your search and then re-open the Find Dialog.

  Send 1099

Send 1099 is a checkbox on the Vendor card to include them in 1099 Statement reports.

1099 Statement reports show total payments to the included Vendors, which your accountant needs for determining whether they are included in your 1099 reporting.

Send 1099 works with Find and Update on a Vendors search to change many at once. Big Business 13.66 and 14.22 fix Vendors search to Add (+) a column f

  Shipment Information

Shipment Information is the data posted back to Big Business from shipping systems like UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, and Professional Shipper.

  Sales Tax Groups Error

Sales Tax Groups creates a hierarchical menu for Sales Taxes.

This feature does not work in Big Business 14 and get the following error when opening a Customer card, Quote, Order, or Invoice.

This will be fixed asap. If you turn Off the Sales Tax Groups checkbox in Customer Prefs the error is avoided but this list of Sales Taxes is no longer hierarchical.

  Full Nine

Full Nine is our design objective that a new version include all the features you rely on.

For example, there are four Toolbar options in Big Business 13 and only two working in Big Business 14.21. With so much to convert this seemed the expedient solution.

Early adopters need to adapt, temporarily, but in due course we will convert the rest. Please let us know what oddities you encounter, par