Landed Cost Percent

Landed Cost Percent is updated to never calculate an infinite value that does not copy.

This problem affected updates to MySQL or Postgres which did not work for infinity. Big Business could store values which approach infinity as INF to allow comparisons.

Instead, it is preferable to change these values to zero to limit complexity and improve compatibility. Email if you have zero cost items to handle.

  Force Quit

Big Business Client works with Sleep settings on your Mac to connect again to your Big Business Server on waking . This is handy, except when Server is not to be found.

If Server was shut off, or if you switched networks, or it has been too long in Sleep mode, Client may not connect again and try to Quit. Or, it may need to be Force Quit.

Choose Force Quit in the Apple menu, click Big Business Client, and click Force Quit.

  End Task

Big Business Client works with Sleep settings on your computer to connect again to Big Business Server on waking . This is handy, except when Server is not to be found.

If Server was shut off, or if you switched networks, or it has been too long in Sleep mode, Client may not connect again and try to Quit. Or, it may need you to End Task.

In the Task Manager, click once to select Big Business Client and then click End Task. To open the Task Manager right-click on the Windows taskbar and choose from menu.

  Comments Dialog

Comments Dialogs are now rounded corner windows instead of flat immovable dialogs.

BigBusiness 14.105 changes the window type used for dialogs when Auto-Zoom is on. Dialogs include Printed Comments, Line Item Comments, Bill of Materials, and more.

  Any Name

Any Name searches all names including First Name, Last Name, and Company Name.

  Expanded Order Fixes

Big Business 14.100 fixes display issues on Expanded Order that Warehouse fields may show without Warehouses enabled and that Tab Order is incorrect for Currencies.

  BigBusiness Extras

BigBusiness Extras help you build a new Data File, which is easiest using Single-User.

Single-User is Big Business for one computer, only, for testing, evaluation, or solo use.
Mac Single-User on Downloads includes a BigBusiness Extras folder with starter files.

Once you have built a new Data File, you might copy it to Server and connect Clients, for multi-user access, or continue running in Big Business Single User for just one Mac.

  Web Server Error

Big Business 14 can generate an error trying to run the Web Server due to permissions.

Big Business 14 Disk Image fix this problem. Please install a newer version to correct.

  PDF Emailer Update

PDF Emailer automates printing to PDF and attaching to a new message in your email.

Big Business 14.84 updates PDF Emailer. To update, install new Big Business Server.

  Custom Forms Update

Big Business 14.82 updates the Custom Form tool for modernity and reliability, again.

Custom Forms and Reports lets you create custom layouts for your forms like Quote, Order, and Invoice, and custom lists for search results such as Contacts or Customers.

This update fixes various small issues with Ventura, alignments, and off-screen objects.

  Customer Group Credit Locked

Credit Limit, Credit Hold, and Credit Hold Days are locked on the Customer Group window if you do not have Terms Access or All Access set on your Employee card.

  Ecommerce Timeouts

Ecommerce Timeouts have been updated to avoid delays when service is unresponsive.

  Searches Resizing

Backgrounds introduced a regression bug that Searches List windows would not shrink.

This problem is fixed in Big Business 14.78. Fyi, you may also reset List windows by going to Add (+), Preset, Default to reset the window to the default columns and sizes.

  Shop Prefs

Shop Prefs are removed. They were created in the move-fast era and proved unuseful.

  Printer Error

Windows 11 printing errors may be fixed by installing the newest Big Business Client. If errors continue, where the same printer with the same setup works for other users, but errors on one workstation, please contact

  Add Prices Error

Add Prices updates Export for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices, which could give an error when processing and leave Price Level blank in the export file for the higher-level rows.

  Window Alignment

Window Alignment is updated for new Systems. Ideally, the first window opens with one pixel of space on the left and on the top, depending on the position of the Toolbar.


Alignment can be irksome because many options add many vacancies and adjustments.

The simple solution in many cases is to send an email to with a picture attached and a brief explanation of what you'd like to see fixed. Often, there is an adjustment such as Window Margins or Windows that are accidentally set.

  iOS Updates

Big Business 14 includes changes to work with a new database for Biz App 14 on iOS.

Starting with Biz App 8, there have been several custom solutions for iPhone and iPad. These are updated to work on new versions of Apple's database on an as needed basis.

Each Biz App solution is self-contained and may run with new versions without issue. Changes may include access to new fields and data which does need updating to utilize.

  Company Card Checkboxes

Big Business 14.70 fixes checkboxes on Windows that display one letter unexpectedly.

Pictured, Windows 11 in the background shows the letter Z for Zap next to the checkbox for Use Custom Zap Gremlins (removes unwanted characters from exports).

Meanwhile, the macOS Sonoma version of the Company card in the foreground shows the checkbox without the unexpected Z. Both work correctly. One just resizes oddly.

  Employee Listing Frozen

Big Business 14.70 fixes the locking of the Employee Listing behind another window.

This problem occurs in Auto Zoom when one open window or dialog, such as Search, opens the Employee Listing and it opens behind the other. This freezes the program.

  Hide Focus Rectangle

Big Business 14.70 hides the focus rectangle that appears on Quote Line Items.

  Focus Issues

Big Business 14 takes advantage of massive performance gains in RISC chips, so far in the new Macs and next in new PC's, by splitting into ten times as many files as before.

This modern modularity lets things happen at a terrific pace by lending itself to more cores per chip, but demands more precision, or specification, of what take precedence.

For the most part, this works flawlessly, but sometimes focus needs to be set or reset, so Tab leads to the correct, next field and the right window or pane or object is current.

  Misc Postings

Big Business 14.69 fixes a problem adding a fourth Posting in Misc. Postings window.

Misc. Postings are used in Aatrix Payroll, Checkmark Payroll, and PenSoft Payroll, as well as Misc. Sales, Misc. Bills, Misc. Bills (custom), Misc. Orders, and Misc.Checks.

When an amount is edited and Big Business automatically adds a fourth Posting (or higher) it is now properly positioned at the end instead of accidentally in the middle.