Field Colors

Big Business 13.38 updates Field Colors to Apple Optimize.
(7404, Dark Mode)

  Client Timeout

Big Business uses new networking that supports Sleep. Your computer can Sleep and when it wakes your Big Business Client can instantly reconnect.

This only works if your secure connection has not been reset by events such as switching networks by moving your laptop or restarting Big Business Server.

If your secure connection is reset you should wait for one minute while Big Business Client time

  Table Error

Table Error is a regression bug caused by changes for Lock Invoices. Lock Invoices is a new feature to lock only invoices, on or before a specified date. Other Lock options affect other dated accounting entries, such as Bills.

Using Auto-Pay or the Receipts tab on an invoice, you may encounter an error saying, Error when executing the method MgrProtectedBtns at line number 59. A table was expe

  Insert Page

Big Business 13.35 updates Auto-Zoom to insert a start page on Bill, Bin, Company, Invoice, Item Adjustment, Journal, Quote, Requisition, Store, Transfer, and Warehouse.

Big Business 13.37 fixes errors this caused such as double-clicking or validation errors on the wrong tab of a Bill.

  Duplicate Tracking

Big Business 13.33 updates Order Tracking and Shipping Status so they are cleared when Duplicate is used with a shipped order.

  Folder Error

Error 3 - url malformat
Error 9 - remote access denied
Error 35 - connect error
Error 67 - login denied
Error 78 - remote file not found
Error 79 - ssh error

  Versions Different

When you upgrade to a new version of Big Business Server you need to install the new Big Business Clients that match.

New versions use a new Database and trying to connect an outdated Client will get the error, "Versions of Big Business Server and Client are different."

  Ship Method

Ship Method was not uniquely identified as a Column. On the Sales Orders Search, if you added Ship Method as a Column, when you closed and re-opened Orders it would change into or be replaced by Ship Date. This problem is fixed in Big Business 13.31.

  Verify Checklinks

Verify Checklinks is an option in Update for Bills that looks for unneeded or missing Checklinks. Go to Bills, Find All, select one or all, and click Update and it will tell you if any Bills need updating. This problem can occur using Unlock options that let an employee modify already-paid Bills. (7334)

  Google Admin Gmail IMAP Link Protection

We had a problem with Gmail users receiving blank emails from The problem only occurred for emails including a link and being viewed in Apple Mail and coming from our Exchange server using Outlook.

We did some testing and concluded that Gmail IMAP Link Protection is part of the problem. Our workaround was to create a new email address,, which is hos

  Update Items Item Type

Big Business 13.30 fixes the Update Items import to fully assign Item Type. It is possible in earlier versions to import an existing Item Type and have it assigned in the Items List but not on the Item card itself.

To fix Items that exhibit this problem, Find the Items and click Update to re-assign the Item Type. This will fully assign the Item Type so it appears on the Item card, too.

  Shopify Log4Shell

If you are using Shopify Connect or similar you may receive an emailed security bulletin regarding Log4J Java Library and a vulnerability known as Log4Shell.

Big Business does not use this library. There is no action required or concern at this point. Per the notice no exposure has been found, and all possible users are being notified.

  Server Error

Auto-Import and other operations that run on Server can encounter a timing error, "Error when executing the method Proc1301. Array range check error."

It is safe to continue (re-loads redundant information). The problem only occurs during delays, so very rarely.

Big Business 13.25 fixes this problem.

  Database Damaged

The Database is damaged, it will be opened in maintenance mode. This message can appear on Windows 11 running older versions of Big Business. Update to Big Business 13.23 or higher.

  Unimplemented Control

Unimplemented control instruction is an error that can appear on Windows 11 when running too old of a Client. Big Business Client 13.23 or higher should be used.

  Resize Item

Items have been updated so they can resize when Auto-Zoom is on.

Auto-Zoom in My Prefs makes windows bigger and resizable.

Now Item card is resizable so layouts like Qty Pricing grow.

  New Comments

New Comments fixes a display problem on the Mac.

  FedEx Error

Big Business includes shortcuts to Copy or look up Tracking for UPS and FedEx on the Shipping tab of Orders. FedEx moved this lookup, so we have updated accordingly. If you are using an old version and get their 404 page (pictured), this is the cause (they moved the page). Use the Copy option in Big Business and the link to their new page until you have a chance to install an Update to Big Busi

  Selection Error

-9946 is a Database Error that occurs when clearing a selection that does not exist.

In the picture only one invoice is being printed--using a Custom Form which needs a selection to keep track of its progress. Since there only one invoice the selection is not created, and the error is generated when attempting to clear the selection unnecessarily.

This example has been fixed but should you enc

  Windows 10 for ARM

Pictured is an evaluation copy of Windows 10 for ARM running on Apple Silicon.

Big Business 13 Server for Windows and Client for Windows seem to work fine in this setup. Print drivers and such can be problematic but performance is impressive.

  Window Alignment

Big Sur, macOS 11, changes menu heights. In the picture the new window has opened under the toolbar after a system update (changed the internal version of macOS). Big Business 13.18 re-updates the window alignment to correct this.

You only need to update Big Business Server to get the latest changes. You can check in the Big Business Client menu, About Big Business to see what Version you are

  macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey is expected in late 2021. Big Business 13 is supported on macOS Monterey Beta which was made public in July 2021. (7223)

  Disable Button

Big Business has hundreds of buttons that enable and disable themselves automatically. All have been updated for ARM.

This is only noteworthy for the small chance that the new behaviour is in any way noticably different than the old. If anything it should be more responsive.

  Window Icon

The Windows Icon no longer displays correctly and is being removed or replaced.