Invoices Tab

Invoices tab on the Sales Order window is updated to show all items on all invoices. When a substitution is made, and items are changed, it can be helpful to see all items.

Prior to this change, Big Business would filter the items shown to be only matching. In this example, the order was invoiced with a blank line item that does not match the corrected line item and still makes the order Partia

  Client Connect

Big Business Client is preset to instantly connect to your Big Business Server. However, there are some Clients in versions between 13.46 and 13.52 that do a little search, first. This is hardly noticeable but a good reason to update your Client, especially if it is behaving oddly and not immediately connecting to a remote Server.

  Sleep Plugins

Sleep is irresistible.

Big Business has tried various Plugins for Sleep Notification:
• for Legacy Networking to let you know your computer slept
• for New Networking to hand off your pending tasks

These no longer work because you computer it just too good at going to sleep.

  PICT Forms

PICT is a Mac graphics (metafile) format that has been discontinued. PICT Format images do not print or display in the latest macOS. If you upgrade and your logo stops printing, this may be the cause.

Replace your PICT logo with a modern format such as PDF or PNG. There is an Import button on the Company card and an option to use that logo on Custom Forms. To replace an existing image on Cust

  HubSpot Error

Clicking the HubSpot tool on the Connect toolbar, if not Registered, would hang.

This problem has been fixed to show the Alert that HubSpot Connect is not registered.

Before the fix the remedy is to Quit and restart your Big Business (Client).

  Split Error

Split Error occurs when you choose Split in Advanced Print Options in some versions. It says, Error when executing the method PrintOptions2 at line number 276.

This error is fixed in Big Business 13.51.

Split sends a form like Invoice Plain Paper to two Destinations by creating two rows for the form. Choose Split in settings and then set one to Printer and one to Email. Split can be preset in

  Drag Out

Big Business lets you drag in files, like a PDF, to the Docs folder on any transaction. This is handy for saving PO.pdf with your new Order. It just needs to be its own file. If it's not, drag out of the original application to create a separate you can then drag in.

To create a separate file, drag out:
• one page from a pdf
• one email from an email prgram
• one attachment from another app

  Filter Fixes

Filters appear above columns on Lists like Customers. Find All and type ">0" (greater than zero) above Balance to see those who owe money.

Click Add(+) to add a column and choose Presets, Default to reset. Sometimes you will get the error pictured after making columns changes or resetting.

This error is fixed in Big Business 13.48.

  Update Dialogs

Big Business 13.48 updates Dialogs to Apple Optimize. This changes the movement of OK and Cancel buttons on most dialogs. If you get stuck on a dialog where you cannot see the buttons--the problem this is trying to fix--try Return key for OK, Command-Period for Cancel, Esc key for Cancel, or Command-Q to Quit,

  Mark Fixes

Mark is an advancing tool and prone to regression bugs, where a new change breaks an existing feature. Mark appears on the Deposit tool to automatically select items for Cash Drawer to simplify separating multiple drawers. The error pictured occurs when you click on Mark on the Deposit and do not have a Cash Drawer.

This error is fixed for Big Business 13.48 and 14.11.

  Color Correct

Changes to Database and Operating System prompt changes to objects in Big Business that then need color correction for seamless appearance.

  Blocked Key

Big Business 13.45 fixes a bug in the Database that can stop Monitor services. The problem occurs with a blocked key file on a Client that is slow to generate a valid uuid. As a consequence, Big Business Server can stop monitor services as a precaution.

Big Business 13.45 fixes this issue with updated Clients that double-check valid keys.

  Networking ToolKit

Big Business 13.44 updates Networking ToolKit to be the same in all current versions.

Networking ToolKit (NTK) enables advanced networking features for Big Business. It extends built-in functions for communication, encryption, encoding, and data exchange.

  Trial Dates

Big Business 13.44 updates Trial Dates for Add-ons including Any API, Bins, Ecwid Connect, Folder Connect, Hub Connect, MRP, Open Notify and Zip-Tax Connect.

These options are free with appropriate Edition, but cannot all be turned on at once. Zip-Tax Connect does not work with TaxJar Connect because they use same fields. Test one or the other with Trial Code and setup from support@bigbusiness.

  Listbox Windows

Big Business 13.44 starts changes to windows like Deposit to use modern Listboxes. This will add new options, like moveable columns, but should preserve useability and control you expect. Email if you find anything amiss.

  Upgrade Options

Big Business 13.44 fixes Upgrade Options to fit all buttons including Cancel button.

This is the tool for entering a Trial Code or Registration Code for Add-On's like:

Add Users
Auto Update
Middleware Shipping
Open Notify
Web Notify
Web Ser

  Windows Client

Big Business 13.42 switches Client to use an Application Window.

We tried SDI, with separate windows, and this is now called SDI Client. People preferred the background window to keep their windows organized. We brought back MDI Client and it is now what you get when you choose Client for Windows.

  Misc Sale

Big Business 14.07 does not automatically create a new Misc Sale when you open the Misc Sale tool. Instead, you must click on the first row and then click the Add(+) button.

  FedEx Tracking

Big Business 13.41 updates the Link used for FedEx Tracking from the Shipping Tab on Sales Orders and Invoices. Earlier versions use a link that is now retired by FedEx.

  NTK Error

Big Business can get the error pictured:
Runtime Error, Error executing the method ntk_xgetdata at line number 162
when processing the payment_gateway_names array from Shopify.

This error is fixed for Big Business 13.40.

  macOS Ventura

Big Business 14 will support macOS Ventura, expected in Fall 2022.

Big Business 13 will not be certified or updated for Ventura, which adds new features like Stage Manager, that centers, rotates, and stacks windows.

  Cut Creator

Big Business could do more to set Export files to automatically open. This fell by the wayside when Apple cut Creator types. Both Mac and Windows now use File Extentions such .TXT to decide what app to open when a file is double-clicked.

  Field Colors

Big Business 13.38 updates Field Colors to Apple Optimize.
(7404, Dark Mode)

  Dark Mode

Big Business 14 includes native support for Dark Mode.

Big Business 14.07 is not usable in Dark Mode because of non-native objects that display white or light grey backgrounds to show whether they can be edited.

This will be fixed as soon as possible. (7428)

  Client Timeout

Big Business uses new networking that supports Sleep. Your computer can Sleep and when it wakes your Big Business Client can instantly reconnect.

This only works if your secure connection has not been reset by events such as switching networks by moving your laptop or restarting Big Business Server.

If your secure connection is reset you should wait for one minute while Big Business Client time