Resize Item

Items have been updated so they can resize when Auto-Zoom is on.

Auto-Zoom in My Prefs makes windows bigger and resizable.

Now Item card is resizable so layouts like Qty Pricing grow.

New Comments

New Comments fixes a display problem on the Mac.

FedEx Error

Big Business includes shortcuts to Copy or look up Tracking for UPS and FedEx on the Shipping tab of Orders. FedEx moved this lookup, so we have updated accordingly. If you are using an old version and get their 404 page (pictured), this is the cause (they moved the page). Use the Copy option in Big Business and the link to their new page until you have a chance to install an Update to Big Busi

Selection Error

-9946 is a Database Error that occurs when clearing a selection that does not exist.

In the picture only one invoice is being printed--using a Custom Form which needs a selection to keep track of its progress. Since there only one invoice the selection is not created, and the error is generated when attempting to clear the selection unnecessarily.

This example has been fixed but should you enc

Windows 10 for ARM

Pictured is an evaluation copy of Windows 10 for ARM running on Apple Silicon.

Big Business 13 Server for Windows and Client for Windows seem to work fine in this setup. Print drivers and such can be problematic but performance is impressive.

Window Alignment

Big Sur, macOS 11, changes menu heights. In the picture the new window has opened under the toolbar after a system update (changed the internal version of macOS). Big Business 13.18 re-updates the window alignment to correct this.

You only need to update Big Business Server to get the latest changes. You can check in the Big Business Client menu, About Big Business to see what Version you are

macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey is expected in late 2021. Big Business 13 is supported on macOS Monterey Beta which was made public in July 2021. (7223)

Disable Button

Big Business has hundreds of buttons that enable and disable themselves automatically. All have been updated for ARM.

This is only noteworthy for the small chance that the new behaviour is in any way noticably different than the old. If anything it should be more responsive.

Window Icon

The Windows Icon no longer displays correctly and is being removed or replaced.

Return Key

Big Business 13 fixes a problem typing Return in Comments, which sometimes closes the window.

Tax Checkbox

The Tax Checkbox on Quote was not updating consitently. This was a regression bug fixed in 13.17.

Untax Shipping

Using TaxJar automatically computes Taxable Subtotal and submits Other Charges as Shipping, which TaxJar determines to be taxable or untaxable.

To allow concurrent use of TaxJar and classic tax calculations in Big Business, Other Charges marked Taxable are automatically recalculated before submission.

If you are using TaxJar exclusively, you can remove Taxable from all Other Charges and leave th

Lines Disappear

Big Business 13 uses a new Database that optimizes screen updates. In the picture the Payment was not revised to redraw Line Items correctly, so only the edited line appears and the rest disappear. This is fixed in Big Business 13.15. (7194)

Banks List

Bank Accounts are Accounts with special status and features including:
• they are protected
• they work with Banking tools
• they do not work with Accounting tools


Gateway Error

An update to Chromium based browsers including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge disabled some of the web-proxy functions of our online Solutions database. Links and Searches would return a Gateway error in the latest browsers.

This prompted a reorganization of content to minimize paging and simplify searches.

Connect Changes

Connect tools and features change quickly. There are many tools in Big Business to connect to external systems and exchange data. These need to be updated for security or other requirements that change.

This Solution lists important changes including those to:
• Web Notify - for sending order tracking and shipping status
• Update Availablity - for setting inventory levels in your online sto

MySQL Keys

Big Business 12.25 added new Order Tracking and Shipping Status. These can cause an error in MySQL, used for Shipping Connect, when it attempts to create Keys. Big Business 12.29 fixes this problem.


Screen Recording

MacOS Catalina requires permission for Screen Capture.

Without permission, the Docs Screen Capture feauture will return an error:
Error when executing the method "bDoc_New" at line number 6.
The pathname is invalid. File Not Found. Blah, blah, blah.

To fix, enable Screen Recording permission as detailed below. (6992)

MySQL 5.5

Big Business 12.23 added MySQL changes that were not backwards compatible to MySQL 5.5 installed on many Windows servers. Big Business 12.24 fixes this so you can install this update and it automatically works with MySQL 5.5.


Tech Debt

Normally, Tech Debt just means having to rewrite test code that no one sees, once a feature is made permanent. In a move-fast-break-stuff world, though, payback can include renaming, moving, and removing things that were deployed quickly. If you see something different or missing, ask The feature you want is still there.

This Solution provides recommendations. (7103)

Big Brother

Operating Systems get slower as they do more checking for security risks. This means a change for security can have a big impact on performance. And any change to the operating system may cause problems for older software. By all means install security updates to keep your system safe. Think twice though before putting a new operating system on an old computer.

This Solution provides recommen

TaxJar Pricing

During Covid, TaxJar has changed it's pricing significantly. New service that once cost $49 per month, and could be activated online, now seems to require $649 per month and contacting them. Please contact us for help sorting this out.

This Solution provides details. (7074)

Forms Error

Big Business will show an error when there is a problem printing a Custom Form created with the Forms tool.

This Solution provides details. (7056)

Battery Settings

macOS Big Sur adds Battery to System Preferences for laptops. Settings previously found in Energy Saver are now found here. Turn OFF the setting for Prevent Computer from Sleeping for reliable Instant-On.