Barcodes for Orders and Invoices

Big Business has Barcode Settings for printing barcodes on:
• Sales Order
• Invoice
• Purchase Order

Big Business will print a barcode of the transaction number, which can be scanned by UPS, FedEx, or another system, to ensure accuracy.

This Solution describes these settings. (6277)

To print a Barcode on Sales Order:
1. Go to the Maintenance toolbar
2. Click on Barcode Settings
3. Click on Barcode On Sales Order checkbox
4. Click OK to save changes
5. Restart Big Business (Client)

Big Business will print a Barcode of the Sales Order Number on Built-In Plain Paper forms.

To include the Barcode on a Custom Form:
1. Edit the custom form
2. Add a Variable named vBarcodePict
3. Set the Display Format to "Scaled to fit"


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