Custom Form Company Logo and Barcode

Big Business Custom Forms can use Variables to display your Company Name or Logo and Barcodes when printing.

This Solution describes using this feature. (6282)

To Add a Variable to a Custom Form:
1. Open your Custom Form, or New template
2. Select the Variable tool (box with an "x") on the toolbar
3. Draw a rectangle on your form
4. Type in a Variable Name ("vCoLogo" or "vBarcodePict")
5. Select a Display Format ("Scaled to Fit (Proportional)")
6. Choose Page Setup from the Form's File menu and OK
7. Choose Save in the Form's File menu

To (test) print a Custom Form:
1. Go the appropriate tool (open an Invoice to print an Invoice form)
2. Click Print (or Save a new Invoice with automatic printing enabled)
3. Select the Custom Form (and select/de-select others)
4. Click OK to print

vCoLogo is the name of Variable used on built-in forms that automatically displays Company Name and Address or Printed Forms Artwork from the Company Card.

vBarcodePict is the name of Variable used on built-in forms for printing a barcode.

If Variable Name is correct, Display Format will offer image handling choices, such as Scaled to Fit (Proportional) and options for centered and truncated (chopped off which is not barcode-friendly).


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