Changes to Vendor Features

Changes to Vendor Features
Big Business Version 2.0 includes a number of new Vendor features and

• You can choose from multiple vendor mailing addresses on purchase orders and bills.
• You can control printing preferences separately for purchase orders and bills.
• You can determine how many days of transactions to display in the History view of Vendor Cards.

See Chapter 4 of the B

  Memorize Recurring Miscellaneous Bills

Big Business provides the ability to Memorize a transaction, search, or list of transactions, throughout.

One of the best uses for the Memorize feature is providing a quick and easy method for entering recurring transactions, such as Bills.

This Solution provides important information for using a Memorized Bill List to enter recurring Vendor Bills. (3175)

  Big Business Checks for Duplicates

It’s hard to imagine that other applications don’t check for something as simple as a duplicate Bill (Invoice from a Vendor). The impact can be serious when you get an invoice with a shipment and duplicate by mail. But we do get asked this question periodically. Rest assured, it is extremely difficult to double pay a vendor. (3044)

  Scheduling Vendor Credits

By default, Vendor Credits have no schedule date in Big Business. When you create a Vendor Bill or Misc. Bill with a negative total, the Scheduled Date is automatically cleared. The Credit can then be automatically claimed on the next Check Run.

Depending upon your arrangements with Vendors or the timing of events, you may want to schedule the credits so they not claimed until the appropriat

  Creating a Vendor Deposit or Prepayment

During the course of your general operation you may encounter a situation where you need to send a deposit to a vendor. In Big Business terms, this means that you will need to generate a check for a vendor without having a final invoice (Bill) from the Vendor.

This Solution outlines the steps you should take in order to create a Vendor Deposit or Pre-Payment, while maintaining the integrity of

  Auto Generate Vendor Codes

Big Business includes the option to Auto-Generate a Vendor Code in the form of a serial or sequential number. (3322)

  Require Unique Vendor Codes

Big Business includes the option to require unique Item Codes in the form of a checkbox on the Item Preferences (Item Prefs) card. This is very valuable for data integrity. When users are not forced to use unique codes it is possible to create two items with the same code. Requiring unique codes prevents accidents such as putting the wrong item on a transaction or double entering the item (e.g.

  Automatic Notes on Purchase Orders

Automatic Notes (3350)

  Closed Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders have a Closed checkbox, for closing PO's that are backordered, cancelled, or will never be filled. This lets you keep a record of the order while updating inventory On Order Qty's. Purchase Orders can also be Deleted by clicking the Delete button. (3023)

  Creating a Vendor Return Request

Big Business 3.0.7 adds support for Vendor Return Requests, including:

• Entering negative Quantities on a Purchase Order
• Tracking open negative quantities
• Forms for printing Return Requests

This Solution describes the new functionality. (5631)

  Using Multiple Mailing/Payment Addresses

Using Multiple Mailing and Payment Addresses
It’s not uncommon for a single vendor to have more than one address. Big Business now allows you to choose from all the addresses entered for the vendor, including those entered in the Additional Contacts area of the Vendor Card. See “Entering Additional Contacts” in Chapter 4 of the Big Business User’s Guide for instructions.

To use alternate addresse

  Automatic Notes on Bills

Automatic Notes (3406)

  Creating a Vendor Debit Memo

Big Business 3.0.7 adds support for Vendor Debit Memos, including:

• Entering negative Quantities on a Bill
• Creating Debit Memos from Return Requests (negative POs)
• Forms for printing Debit Memos

This Solution describes the new functionality. (5643)

  Batch Delete of Notes

Big Business 5.0.6 adds the option to Batch Delete Notes from the Note QuickSearch. This Solution describes this feature. (5914)