Batch Delete of Vendor Cards


Batch Delete Vendors who have no history:

Big Business 2.5 allows you to Batch Delete Vendor Cards which have no transactions. Because this Delete is permanent, you should exercise proper caution in its use. Vendor with any transaction history cannot be deleted. Refer to the section on Employee Access Privileges for restricting Access to the Batch Delete tool. You may also want to Back Up your Company data file, or export the selection of Vendor Cards you are attempting to Delete, prior to deleting them.

To Batch Delete Vendors, using the Vendor QuickSearch:
1. Find the selection of Vendor Cards to Delete.
2. Click the Batch Delete tool to Delete all Vendor Cards in the current Vendor List.
Big Business will display a confirmation dialogue offering to Continue or Cancel.
3. Select Continue to permanently Delete all Vendor in the selection.
Big Business will display those Vendors who could not be deleted.

If you select one Vendor in the List and click Batch Delete, Big Business will display a dialogue with a choice of Deleting the selected Vendor, Deleting all Vendors in the List, or Canceling.

This feature is designed to clean up erroneous imports of Vendors and Vendors who have no transactions. Using the Import Tag feature in Big Business (e.g. "Imported 3/22/99") you can find all Vendor in an import with a Vendor QuickSearch.


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