Memorize Recurring Miscellaneous Bills

Big Business provides the ability to Memorize a transaction, search, or list of transactions, throughout.

One of the best uses for the Memorize feature is providing a quick and easy method for entering recurring transactions, such as Bills.

This Solution provides important information for using a Memorized Bill List to enter recurring Vendor Bills. (3175)

The Memorize feature in Big Business is useful for Memorizing Recurring Bills. Examples might be ISP charges, equipment rental charges, and so on. If you Memorize this list of Bills this month, you can use Recall next month to automatically enter these Bills.

To Memorize Miscellaneous Bills:
1. Open the Misc. Bill tool
2. Enter the Bills, including Vendor and Amount
3. Click the Memorize button.
4. Enter a Name for the Memorized List and click the OK button.

To Recall Memorized Miscellaneous Bills:
1. Open the Misc. Bill tool.
2. Click the Recall button.
3. Pick a Memorized Miscellaneous Bill List to Recall.

Keep the following important points in mind :
• Recall creates a new list of Bills, identical to the Memorized List, with today's date.
• Changing the Amount of a Recalled Misc. Bill reloads the Expense Category selected on the Vendor Card. Do not Memorize Misc. Bills with Category Splits or Category changes if you anticipate the Amount of the Bill will be changed on Recall.


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