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BizApp Connect

BizApp Connect is an Add-On for Big Business Enterprise to connect a custom app for iPad, iPhone, iPod. It uses the Web Server (HTTP) built into Big Business Server, a custom data format (BBFN), and FileMaker (Apple's DB for iOS, macOS, and Windows).

BizApp Server

Big Business Web Server Settings are used to enable BizApp for iOS to connect, and:
• specify a Secure Port
• set Run At Startup
• Start or Stop

This Solution describes the Web Server Settings to connect BizApp for iOS. (6278)

BizApp iPad Staging

Big Business 9 adds iPad Staging

This Solution describes this option. (6455)

BizApp iPad Button

The iPad Button appears on entries that may be sent to iPad or iPhone. (6451)
iPhone setup movie


BizApp11d is for iPad for completing an Invoice on-site and saving changes to Big Business. (6741)

BizApp10L for iOS

BizApp10L is for iPod Touch or iPhone for Locating stock in your warehouse.

This Solution provides a quick overview. (6660)

BizApp9 for iPad and iPhone

BizApp9 is for iPad and iPhone for reviewing Invoices, Customers, and Items from Big Business. (6490)
iPhone setup movie

BizApp9d: Overview

BizApp9d is for iPad for completing an Invoice on-site and saving changes to Big Business. (6351)
iPhone setup movie

BizApp8: iPad App

BizApp8 includes an iPad App installed with Big Business Server 8. It connects via the Secure Web Add-On and can be adapted to a variety of uses on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, or Windows.

This Solution provides a brief description. (6108)

BizApp8: iPad Setup

Big Business lets you use an iPad:
• connect the Device to an Employee Card
• edit its Name (to show whose or which)
• put it in Print Options ("Send To Camerons-iPad")
• give it All Access (to post changes to Invoices, Customers, etc.)

This Solution describes the iPad Settings that appear on the Mobile App tab of an Employee Card when Secure Web is turned On. (6275)

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