BizApp8: iPad Setup

Big Business lets you use an iPad:
• connect the Device to an Employee Card
• edit its Name (to show whose or which)
• put it in Print Options ("Send To Camerons-iPad")
• give it All Access (to post changes to Invoices, Customers, etc.)

This Solution describes the iPad Settings that appear on the Mobile App tab of an Employee Card when Secure Web is turned On. (6275)

Token - Enter a unique password to allow a device to connect, or click Random to have Big Business create one for you, then click OK to save. Enter the Token on the device when connecting.

Device ID - Captured when the device connects, Device ID prevents another device from using the connection. Click Delete to disconnect the current device and allow another to connect.

Device Name - Captured when the device connects, Device Name comes from iPad/iPhone Settings, General, About, Name (e.g. "Cameron's iPad") and can be edited for usability (e.g. "Warehouse iPad").

In Print Options - Include an entry like, Send To Camerons-iPad, in the Print Options by clicking In Print Options. When you save an Invoice send a copy to an iPad for delivery, capturing a signature, or last-minute changes.

All Access - Allow the iPad or iPhone to save changes to Big Business by clicking All Access. Without this setting Save operations from the device will be ignored.