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Printing (6377)

Many Big Business windows can be printed for reference or presentation to customers
or vendors. All windows use standard printing techniques.

When you click the Print button in a window, you see standard Page Setup and Print dialog boxes. You use these dialog boxes to make choices about paper size and orientation, which pages to print, and other options that depend on the printer that's currently selected. See the documentation that came with your computer and printer for information about using these dialog boxes.

You can set some transaction windows, such as invoices or bills, to print automatically when you save them. See "Setting Customer Preferences" in Chapter 3 and "Setting Vendor Preferences" in Chapter 4 for more information.

In some cases, Big Business gives you options about what information to print. For example, if you click the Print button in a Customer Card, a dialog box asks if you want to print the basic customer information, the customer history, or an envelope for this customer.

Printing checks works differently from other printing operations. See ?Printing Checks? in Chapter 4 for instructions.


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