Lock Invoices

Lock Invoices lets you exceed your regular system protection settings for just invoices. Enter a Lock Invoices Date and any invoices dated on or before the date will be locked.

If you click the Lock on an Invoice for Locked By information, the result can link here. This indicates that Lock Invoices is enabled and is locking the invoice you are viewing.

This setting was added to lock invoices when filing sales taxes to prevent any changes. Please confer with your system administrator or bookkeeper before changing the past.

To Lock Invoices:

1. Go to the System toolbar to System Prefs.

You must be the only user on the system to access this tool.

2. Enter a date for Lock Invoices Date.

3. Click OK to save the System Prefs.

  Chapter 24 Middleware

Middleware helps you connect your shipping systems to share data with BigBusiness.

  macOS Sequoia

Coming in Fall of 2024, macOS Sequoia is available as a public Preview and looks fine.

BigBusiness 15 will be available as soon as possible and be certified. Big Business 14, certified for macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma, seems fine with macOS Sequoia, too.

If you try macOS Sequoia Preview please email support@bigbusiness.com any issues.


Tags let you create groups of records, like Customers by assigning a Tag like "Green".

A Tag is a word you enter to describe your new group. Add a new Tag in the Master Tags List and then assign it to one Customer, or to many at once in Customers Search.

Tags are available throughout BigBusiness and the same Tag, like "Green", can be used for Customers, Contacts, Vendors, Items, and by all users, so please use considerately.

  bill.com API

BigBusiness Connect options use any open API to help you automate key operations.

BILL, aka bill.com, does not offer an open API, saying BILL API access is only for select partners and to please reach out to your account manager for more information.

This is understandable given the sensitive nature of the data and services they provide.

  Customer or Contact Tags

Customer or Contact Tags can help you find and report Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

Add a Tag to Customers, or to Contacts used as Ship To's, and you can then find their Quotes, Orders, or Invoices using new Find choices for Customer Tag or Contact Tag.

The Find dialog with these menu choices appears for any Report with a Quote Search, Order Search, or Invoice Search, such as Items on Orders, Sorted By Item (Summary).