Tags let you create groups of records, like Customers by assigning a Tag like "Green".

A Tag is a word you enter to describe your new group. Add a new Tag in the Master Tags List and then assign it to one Customer, or to many at once in Customers Search.

Tags are available throughout BigBusiness and the same Tag, like "Green", can be used for Customers, Contacts, Vendors, Items, and by all users, so please use considerately.

  Customer or Contact Tags

Customer or Contact Tags can help you find and report Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

Add a Tag to Customers, or to Contacts used as Ship To's, and you can then find their Quotes, Orders, or Invoices using new Find choices for Customer Tag or Contact Tag.

The Find dialog with these menu choices appears for any Report with a Quote Search, Order Search, or Invoice Search, such as Items on Orders, Sorted By Item (Summary).

  Assigning Tags

Assigning Tags (6389)

Tags are short identifying words or phrases that differentiate customers, vendors, or items from each other. You can create any tags that you want and then use them to search for records that meet specific requirements. For example, you can assign the tag "Best Customer" to customers with lots of repeat business. By searching for customers who have this tag assigned, you can quickly get a list of your best customers. Tags are maintained in a list that you can modify. See "Editing QuickPop Lists," earlier in this chapter, for information.