Alternate Vendors

Big Business lets you list Alternate Vendors and their Part Numbers for an item in the Alternate Item Codes window. This feature is updated to automate purchasing.

This is a feature you might turn on for several reasons:
• to find items by vendors' part numbers
• to find items by other part numbers like oem, manufacturer, or replacement
• to find items by scannable barcodes on packaging

  Mark Fixes

Mark is an advancing tool and prone to regression bugs, where a new change breaks an existing feature. Mark appears on the Deposit tool to automatically select items for Cash Drawer to simplify separating multiple drawers. The error pictured occurs when you click on Mark on the Deposit and do not have a Cash Drawer.

This error is fixed for Big Business 13.48 and 14.11.

  Update Dialogs

Big Business 13.48 updates Dialogs to Apple Optimize. This changes the movement of OK and Cancel buttons on most dialogs. If you get stuck on a dialog where you cannot see the buttons--the problem this is trying to fix--try Return key for OK, Command-Period for Cancel, Esc key for Cancel, or Command-Q to Quit,

  Filter Fixes

Filters appear above columns on Lists like Customers. Find All and type ">0" (greater than zero) above Balance to see those who owe money.

Click Add(+) to add a column and choose Presets, Default to reset. Sometimes you will get the error pictured after making columns changes or resetting.

This error is fixed in Big Business 13.48.

  Chapter 317 Filters

Big Business includes Filters on most lists to find what you're looking for,fast. In fact you can turn off the Find Dialog and rely almost entirely on Filters.

Filters appear above the columns in Lists so you just type in what you want to match
• filter Items to instantly see matches for what your customer wants
• filter Contacts when choosing a Ship-To for a large customer or reseller
• fil

  Drag Out

Big Business lets you drag in files, like a PDF, to the Docs folder on any transaction. This is handy for saving PO.pdf with your new Order. It just needs to be its own file. If it's not, drag out of the original application to create a separate you can then drag in.

To create a separate file, drag out:
• one page from a pdf
• one email from an email prgram
• one attachment from another app

  MRP Fixes

Big Business 13.48 fixes Rounding on some MRP Calculations.