Cut Creator

Big Business could do more to set Export files to automatically open. This fell by the wayside when Apple cut Creator types. Both Mac and Windows now use File Extentions such .TXT to decide what app to open when a file is double-clicked.

  Allocated Builds

Allocated Builds shows items on orders and their needed components.

• On Hand is current for the selected item and warehouse. We have 5 BikeSpoke.
• Allocates

  Date Format

Big Business uses the Short Date format from your computer to display dates.

To make a change such as switching between 2-digit and 4-digit years, find the Regional setting for dates for your computer.

In macOS Ventura, this has been moved into System Preferences, GENERAL, Language &Region. Earlier systems put in System Preferences, Language & Region.

  New Clients

Big Business Clients are now Optimized. This change should be near seamless.

You may need to update Microsoft Outlook to match, and you may need to start saying Yes to automatically save Custom Forms.

For Windows, the MDI Client has the background Application Window and newer Client has separate windows (SDI). You can install both to choose, or switch.

  macOS Ventura

Big Business 14 will support macOS Ventura, expected in Fall 2022.

Big Business 13 will not be certified or updated for Ventura, which adds new features like Stage Manager, that centers, rotates, and stacks windows.

  Open Item

Open Item Whse Code is a new search criterion for Orders helping you find orders with open items for a specific warehouse.

Whse Code is the search criterion that applies to the whole order. Open Item Whse Code applies to the Item and checks that it has an Open Qty.

The pictured search finds orders for the Default (DEF) warehouse that have open line items for the Alternate (ALT) warehouse.

  Default Customer

Default Customer is a setting in Shopify II. If you don't import a Customer or the system doesn't find a match, the Default Customer is assigned to imported Orders.

You might create a Customer you call Shopify Orders for this purpose.

Within an Order you can import all contact information, so it is possible to use one Customer card for all Shopify orders. Or, catch errors where a customer is

  NTK Error

Big Business can get the error pictured:
Runtime Error, Error executing the method ntk_xgetdata at line number 162
when processing the payment_gateway_names array from Shopify.

This error is fixed for Big Business 13.40.