Reset Comments

Reset Comments are options when duplicating orders to clear Printed or Private Cmts.

Reset Printed Comments erases printed comments in the new order.
Reset Private Comments erases private comments in the new order.

  Company Settings

Company Settings is a new Tab on the Company card to make more room for Settings. These Settings tools are where you store Keys.

While you edit these Settings for a connection, the connection is paused. Depending on your licensing, you may have multiple connections per service. Turning on Auto-Connect starts a connection to the service from your Big Businesss Server.

  Double Quit

Double Quit helps you quit Big Business Client when it is disconnected.

Still, you may need to Force Quit or End Task on your Big Business Client. New Networking allows it to remain "connected" during Sleep. If your computer wakes and Big Business Server has been offline or the network has changed, it may be unresponsive.

Double Quit works when you Big Business Client is responsive but cancels

  Control Tab

Control is a new Tab on the Employee card for more security and contol options, such as whether the employee can use Mark Released to release on order to be filled.

  MRP Settings

MRP Settings lets you choose how to Sort and Display results for Allocated items.

For example, you may want to sort Orders by Ship Date and display PO's by ETA.

Additionally you may want to specify a Lead Time, like 3 Days, to help in planning.

  MRP Access

MRP Access lets you enable the functions of the MRP Add-On to fit your workflow.

Show Allocated - adds Allocated in the Show menu, to show all allocations for an item
Show Allocated for Warehouse - adds to show allocations for an item for a warehouse
Mark Released - adds Released to Mark menu, to set orders to be released for shipping

  Screen Shot

Big Business updates Screen Shot to Apple Optimize. If you turn on the feature to save Documents and Notes with any transaction it puts the Docs button on each. Then, if you click to Add you can choose Capture and take a screen shot of a window.

This makes it easy to capture a bill, or bill history, that you see in a browser, or really anything that you see on screen for which you no longer rec

  Quantity Format

Quantity Format is updated for new Database. Quote, Order, Invoice, Requisition, Purchase Order, Bill, Item Adjustment, and Warehouse Transfer have been updated.

Pictured is a custom setting to display three decimal places even when zero (1.000).

To edit settings, go System toolbar, Company card, to Number Formats. Any format you need, with commas or spaces, currency symbols, and so on, is sup

  Sales Order Preferences

Updated for Big Business 14, Sales Order Preferences bring together simple setttings that improve your workflow and advanced settings, some previously hidden, that can change architecture or control operations like duplicating to reset, reload, and more.

  Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is a simple but detail-oriented process for ensuring your records agree to those of your bank, which in turn validates that what you've bought and sold has been paid for in the amounts recorded.

Big Business 14 updates the Bank Reconcilation to have moveable columns and a simpler layout with Deposit and Withdrawl columns for Cash, Checking, or Savings, and show Payment and Cha

  Alternate Vendors

Big Business lets you list Alternate Vendors and their Part Numbers for an item in the Alternate Item Codes window. This feature is updated to automate purchasing.

This is a feature you might turn on for several reasons:
• to find items by vendors' part numbers
• to find items by other part numbers like oem, manufacturer, or replacement
• to find items by scannable barcodes on packaging

  Set Protected

Set Protected updates color changes for locked Dates. Classically they are Red.

These Dates include Customer Since, Customer Custom, Quote, Order, Invoice, Payment, PO, Bill, Requisition, Item Adjustment, Item Transfer, Deposit, Reconciliation, Bank Adjustment, Pay, Bank Transfer, General Journal.

  Win64API Plugin

Big Business 14 updates Windows display to be more in keeping with new standards.

  Big Business 14

Big Business 14 gets a new icon more in keeping with new standards.

  Single User

Single User is the Big Business app for one user. Only. It is variously called Standalone, Demo, 1-User, and Single-User and only needed when you work alone.

To connect multiple users, Big Business uses Client/Server architecture, where a Server app is installed on a central computer, and the Client app is installed on each workstation that needs to connect.

  Last Shipping Update

Last Shipping Update is a date for tracking the latest date a shipment was posted to the Shipping tab of an Order. It is automatically updated when a shipment is posted, or the option to Mark, Shipped, is used on the Order.

Add(+) the Last Shipping Update on the Orders List right after Shipping Status to help you see or search by when a change was last made. (7445)

  Forms Tool

Big Business 14 updates the Form Tool used for creating and editing custom forms.

  Big Business 14

Big Business 14 is available starting July 1, 2022. This is six months earlier than planned. However, Apple does surprising things, and it is best to be prepared.

Big Business 13 and Big Business 14 are the same application in different packages. Big Business 13 is current and works on all current computers. Big Business 14 is futuristic for coming Macs and PC's.

  Ship Date

Ship Date is on the Expanded tab of an Order and lets you set a date for shipping. Ship Date is available on Order Search, Export, and Forms.

Ship Date is used for Show Allocated which calculates usage of components for Built items on Orders.

Ship Date is now included on Quote, Quotes Search, Export, and Forms.

  Open Item

Open Item Whse Code is a new search criterion for Orders helping you find orders with open items for a specific warehouse.

Whse Code is the search criterion that applies to the whole order. Open Item Whse Code applies to the Item and checks that it has an Open Qty.

The pictured search finds orders for the Default (DEF) warehouse that have open line items for the Alternate (ALT) warehouse.

  New Clients

Big Business Clients are now Optimized. This change should be near seamless.

You may need to update Microsoft Outlook to match, and you may need to start saying Yes to automatically save Custom Forms.

For Windows, the MDI Client has the background Application Window and newer Client has separate windows (SDI). You can install both to choose, or switch.

  Allocated Builds

Allocated Builds shows items on orders and their needed components.

• On Hand is current for the selected item and warehouse. We have 5 BikeSpoke.
• Allocates

  Digital Strategy

Big Business delivers your digital strategy by keeping your accounting automated while bringing your web stores, warehouses, and more, into your growing system.

By automating tasks like reordering, or updating inventory, costs, and pricing, Big Business saves you time and money with each step toward realizing your digital aims.

And by adding newer, betterhardware, while keeping your experienced

  Push Buttons

Big Business updates Push Buttons to Apple Optimize. These are found in Company card, Customer History, Customer Prefs, Find dialog, Item card, Item Adjustment, Vendor Prefs, Vendor History, and more.

More include Bill, Employee, Invoice, Mail, MyDesk, Note, Order, PO, and Quote.