Digital Strategy

Big Business delivers your digital strategy by keeping your accounting automated while bringing your web stores, warehouses, and more, into your growing system.

By automating tasks like reordering, or updating inventory, costs, and pricing, Big Business saves you time and money with each step toward realizing your digital aims.

And by adding newer, betterhardware, while keeping your experienced

  Credit Cards

Big Business 13.35 updates Credit Cards to Apple Optimize.

  Curl Error

Big Business 13.34 consolidates errors from Curl for internet connections. (7373)

  Payment Over-applied

Payment Overapplied is a feature request to block users from entering Applied amounts that exceed the payment amount.

If you have a positive payment with a negative unapplied amount--or a negative payment with a positive unapplied amount--the payment cannot be saved.

Prepayments or payments that are fully unapplied or partially unapplied are perfectly okay, and there are numerous options in Big

  PO Lines

PO Lines is a new option for Line Prefs to match line numbers from the PO to Bills.

When enabled this setting links items on the Bill to items on the PO and shows the Line Number from the PO in the PO # column on the Bill window.

Exports of POs and Bills are automatically updated to include PO Line #'s.

  Update MySQL

Big Business 13.33 updates MySQL connectivity to Apple Optimize.

  Merge PDF

Big Business includes various options that merge PDFs, such as putting all open invoices for a customer into one PDF to send them.

Big Business 13.32 updates PDF merging to Apple Optimize.

  Update JSON

Big Business generates JSON for data exchange with web services such as TaxJar or BigCommerce and its own Web API.

Big Business 13.32 updates JSON to Apple Optimize.

  New Window

The New Window setting lets you choose to always open a new window. The default setting in Big Business is to only open one Order, one Item Adjustment, one instance of any tool.

You can hold Shift to open another instance of a tool, so a new Order won't force you to close another Order already open on your screen.

Or you can change the New Window setting in My Prefs to Advanced, which will alwa

  ReadMe Shortcut

Use the Big Business 13 ReadMe Shortcut, on your Desktop for Windows, to view the list of changes to Big Business including links to Solutions.

Big Business 13.31 installers are updated to include this Shortcut.

  Show Reconciliation

Use Show Reconciliation to view the reconciliation that locks a bank transaction you are viewing.

Use Show Reconciliation To to view the reconcilion of the Transfer To Bank Account of a bank transfer you are viewing.

  Forms Landed

The Landed Cost (LC) option Landed Profit puts the LC Profit tab on Quote, Order, and Invoice that shows LC Cost, LC Profit, and LC Profit Percent for each item. Turn it On to use these, and when you edit your custom forms in the Forms tool, you will see these additional fields.

  Online Help

The web site got a new framework for 2022. Function and layout are largely the same. Brash, brisk, and brief are the new guidelines. Some icons have been changed to protect their innocence. The purpose of the web site is to host online help.

The hope is that you click around and find some Solutions, Chapters, or Contents, and find something new that you can adopt, adapt, and i

  Landed Profit

Landed Profit is an optional Tab on Quote, Order, and Invoice. View your Landed Cost for each line item along with Landed Profit and Landed Profit Percentage. Adjust any entry, such as changing Landed Extended Cost for a line item, to have Big Business re-calculate pricing to match.

To fit columns nicely, choose a short name for Landed Cost fields. By default LC is used but in the picture it h

  Landed Fields

If you turn on LC Profit in the Item Prefs, Big Business will add the LC Profit tab to Quotes, Orders, and Invoices, showing new LC Fields, including:
LC Cost
LC Ext Cost
LC Profit
LC Ext Profit
LC Profit %

  Reports Help

Help is a new column on the Reports list, making it easier to find help. Just click the number of the help document, like (1234), and it will open the current entry from in your browser.

  Select Refunds

Refund is a check run tool for issuing refunds against credit invoices and unapplied payments. The dialog to select items to refund has been updated, as pictured. A combined list of Invoices with a negative balance and Payments with an unapplied balance lets you select with a click on each row or using the Select button in the upper left to Select All or Select Through a date.

  Startup Data

Big Business automatically opens your Data File. To install an Update, download and install the new version and it will automatically open your Data File.

For a Demo or clean install, Big Business automatically opens the Demo Data File.

To switch Data Files, start Big Business while holding Option or Alt. Contact if you need help finding your Data File or switching.

  Built LC

Built LC sets Landed Cost (LC) for Built items using the total of the Landed Costs of their components. Otherwise, Landed Percentage is used to update the Landed Cost.

To use this setting, ensure components have Landed Costs and restart the Server to load new settings. You can then use Update Cost to update landed costs.

  Profit LC

Profit LC displays a new Tab with Profit based upon Landed Cost (LC). This works like the Profit tab, that you can change the Profit or Percentage (Profit %) on an item and it will change the Price for you.

This change is initially on the Sales Order only. It includes changes for Export and Custom Forms, but does not change any Reports or other transactions yet.

  Order Costs

Order Costs lets you set the Cost used for order line items for reference. On invoicing, this is replaced with the Avg Cost of on hand inventory. Seeing another cost like Vendor Cost or Landed Cost may help when entering orders to set the best pricing.

Before changing this setting from the default, Avg Cost, consider any effects for commission or profit reporting, since the invoice will continu

  Add New

Add New lets you create a new entry from a Search List.

This Solution describes this option. (7276)

  Windows 11

Big Business 13 is supported on Windows 11, available October 5, 2021.

Big Business 13.23 adds changes for new window geometry. (7262)

  macOS Monterey

Big Business 13 is supported on macOS Monterey, expected October 25, 2021. (7261)

  Middleware Clear

Middleware Clear updates Shipping Connect to be compatible with macOS Monterey.