Big Business Basics

Basics (6340)

Big Business makes it easy to enter and access information about your business. Its consistent, intuitive interface means that you can get to work quickly, without having to learn a lot of new techniques.

This chapter includes instructions on the conventions and features that are used throughout Big Business. It's important that you learn this material now, because the rest of the guide assumes that you know these basic techniques.

This chapter includes instructions on these and other topics:
• Signing in
• Using toolbars and menus to access the features you need
• Using Big Business windows, including how to enter information, use lists, and so on
• Using features that you see throughout the program, such as searching, memorizing transactions, and printing

After you have completed this chapter, you will know the basics of using Big Business. The rest of this guide includes instructions for using specific features. The organization of the book parallels that of the program, so it's easy to find the instructions you need.


Signing In

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