User Access: Unlock Transactions

Big Business includes a Special Access setting to Unlock Transactions. This overrides the normal protection of data and should be used with care.

Unlock Transactions unlocks:
• Invoices locked by applied payments
• Payroll Checks automatically locked on import
• Balance Adjustments automatically locked when saved
• Bank Reconciliations locked by subsequent reconciliations
• Vendor Bills loc

  Unlock All Accounts

Big Business enforces data integrity by protecting Accounts and limiting the selection of Accounts for modifiable postings to those Accounts designated as Categories. A designated Accounts Receivable Account, for example, should never be out of balance with the sum of Customer balances. So, any Accounts Receivable Account is protected from being posted to by modifiable transactions, even a Journ

  Unlock Periods

Unlock Periods is a Special Access option on the Access tab of an Employee Card. Unlock Periods allows the Employee unrestriced access to locked periods.

  Chapter 307 Unlock

Unlock options give an employee special access to locked or protected entries. As such, it is recommended you only assign it to a Super User that you can switch to when the need arises. If you use Unlock options with your regular Employee card you will not be able to see which entries should be locked and may make a costly mistake.

Please Unlock responsibly. (7293)

  Special Access

Big Business includes Special Access settings on the Access tab of the Employee card.

Settings include:
• Unlock Batch Delete
• Unlock Lists
• Unlock Periods
• Unlock Protected Accounts
• Unlock Protected Transactions
• Unlock Retained Earnings
• Unlock Status Inactive

This Solution describes Special Access settings. (6253)

  Unlock Unseated

Unlock Unseated lets you set special access on an Employee card to work with options that have been replaced. For example, older Accounts Receivable Aging reports, which are slow, are being replaced with A/R Agings which are fast. For simplicity old reports will be hidden, but if you prefer them for their layout or content, or to give you time to get coffee, simply Unlock Unseated to re-include

  Verify Checklinks

Verify Checklinks is an option in Update for Bills that looks for unneeded or missing Checklinks. Go to Bills, Find All, select one or all, and click Update and it will tell you if any Bills need updating. This problem can occur using Unlock options that let an employee modify already-paid Bills. (7334)