Defining Royalty Terms for Items

How do I define Royalties? Can I QuickChange Royalty Amounts or Percentages? (3230)

Big Business lets you define royalty or licensing fees for items you sell. You can define the terms as a percentage of the sales price or as a fixed amount per item sold.

To define royalty terms:
1. Click the History tab in an Item Card.
2. Choose either Royalty Percentage Rate or Royalty Amount per Item from the Royalty Percentage Rate Pop-Up list.
3. Enter the Royalty Percentage or Amount.

To apply a specific Royalty to a number of Item Cards at once, using the Item QuickSearch:
1. Find the Items to change.
2. Click the QuickChange tool.
3. Select Royalty Percentage Rate or Royalty Amount Per Item and enter the the value to be assigned to all Items in the current selection.
4. Click the OK button.


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