Update Items as Obsolete

Big Business 7 adds the option to Update Items as Obsolete. (6127)

Marking Items as Obsolete:

• tests that the Item can be marked Obsolete including checking that all inventory quantities (On Hand, On Order, etc.) are zero and Total Cost is zero

• suppresses Obsolete Items from the Item Listing

• includes Obsolete Items in reports and searches unless they are excluded using the Obsolete or other (Qty On Hand, etc.) search criteria

To Update Items as Obsolete:

1. On the Item toolbar, click Find Item and find Items you want to mark Obsolete.
2. On the resulting Item List window click Update.
3. In the Apply To Selection dialog choose Obsolete and Yes.
4. Click the OK button.
5. Click Continue on the confirmation dialog.

If there are Items in the selection that cannot be marked Obsolete, because they have quantities, the result list will tell you that some Items could not be Updated.

In other words, it is safe to attempt to Update Items as Obsolete. If they are not ready, they will not be marked Obsolete.

One approach to consider is to add a Tag to Items that you plan to mark as Obsolete once they are depleted. You can Add a Tag on the Folder tab of the Item Card, using the Update Item Import, or using the Update button on the Item List window as above. Then Find Items with the Tag in the first step above.


Marking Items as Obsolete