Chapter 58 Thirteen

This chapter describes Big Business 13.

Big Business 13 is designed to work on all your current computers. This includes older computers that can be updated to a current operating system. And it includes new computers that come with new operating systems and new computers that come with new chips. (7109)

  Windows 11

Big Business 13 is supported on Windows 11, available October 5, 2021.

Big Business 13.23 adds changes for new window geometry. (7262)

  macOS Monterey

Big Business 13 is supported on macOS Monterey, expected October 25, 2021. (7261)

  Users First

Users First is a design goal to make Big Business easier for you by making it easier for all users. This is the idea behind Company Prefs that update System Settings for all users and User Prefs where they can then use your System Settings or choose their own. You can also push out changes for users with an Employee Search and using the Update tool to change many at once.


  Prorated Protection

Prorated pricing lets you purchase an Upgrade at a discount if you have purchased the prior version in the past year. The calculation is simple. If you purchased half a year ago, you get half off Upgrade pricing. If you purchased four months ago, you get two-thirds off. If you purchased less than three months ago an Upgrade is free with Buyer Protection. (7112)

  Rosetta 2

Rosetta 2 enables a Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor. Big Business 13 needs this.

  Apple Silicon

Apple is making new Macs with its own processors, referring to the new chips as Apple silicon.

Big Business 13 is supported on Apple silicon and runs in Rosetta 2, which automatically translates Intel apps for new processors like M1.

Big Business 13.09 includes a Database Update for compatibility.


  Instant On

Instant On allows Big Business Client to Sleep. Shut your laptop or leave your computer set to sleep and when it wakes on the same network, Big Business Client will resume working instantly. (7131)

  Geekbench Results

Geekbench publishes results so you can see where your Mac stacks up, performance-wise. This may help if you comparing a choice like Intel i5, i7, and i9.

For entertainment, when we got a new Mac desktop with an Intel Xeon and a new Mac laptop with Apple's M1, we raced them by running Geekbench 4, which must run in Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon. The laptop won, 5654 to 5395.


  Middleware Clear

Middleware Clear updates Shipping Connect to be compatible with macOS Monterey.

  Unimplemented Control

Unimplemented control instruction is an error that can appear on Windows 11 when running too old of a Client. Big Business Client 13.23 or higher should be used.

  Database Damaged

The Database is damaged, it will be opened in maintenance mode. This message can appear on Windows 11 running older versions of Big Business. Update to Big Business 13.23 or higher.