Chapter 62 Retired Features

Retired Features are no longer displayed, in an effort to declutter. Often they have been replaced with a new, different feature that takes into account new options.

As an example, new, fast reports that run in-memory are replacing existing reports that are suboptimal for remote use.

If you like an old feature, turning on Unlock Retired in Employee Access may restore the missing feature for you. Otherwise, ask

Ended features include:

• Check For New Notes

• Volusion Connect

  Unlock Retired Features

Unlock Retired Features lets you set special access on an Employee card to work with options that have been replaced. For example, older Accounts Receivable Aging reports, which are slow, are being replaced with A/R Agings which are fast. For simplicity old reports will be hidden, but if you prefer them for their layout or content, or to give you time to get coffee, use Unlock Retired Features to re-include them. (7992)

  ShippingEasy Connect

ShippingEasy Connect helps you fulfill Orders using for shipments.

ShippingEasy automates shipping from popular web stores. ShippingEasy Connect lets BigBusiness add your Orders into ShippingEasy to automate shipping them, too.

This feature is being added for testing. Its purpose is sending orders to ShippingEasy for processing and fulfillment.

  Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is an online shipping platform that helps you save on USPS and UPS rates.

Pirate Ship connects to popular web stores, but does not have a public API for others.

If you need to automate Pirate Ship and BigBusiness, email

  ShippingEasy Store

ShippingEasy Store lets you assign a name for a setup for connecting to ShippingEasy.

  ShippingEasy Endpoint

ShippingEasy Endpoint is for one Store in ShippingEasy Settings, Stores & Orders.

  ShippingEasy Settings

ShippingEasy Settings include API Keys that you copy from ShippingEasy Account.