Chapter 307 Unlock

Unlock options give an employee special access to locked or protected entries. As such, it is recommended you only assign it to a Super User that you can switch to when the need arises. If you use Unlock options with your regular Employee card you will not be able to see which entries should be locked and may make a costly mistake.

Please Unlock responsibly. (7293)

  BigBusiness Database

BigBusiness Database helps keeps your data safe and scalable and instantly accessible.

New Big Business versions use the newest Database, updated for the newest systems. Keep your installed software for years and leap forward when you get new computers.

Pay once for your version and get it working in every detail to maximize productivity. Then bide your time until new computers offer a new level of power you cannot resist.

  Mac Backup

Mac Backup lets you leave BigBusiness Server running and make valid backup copies.

To automate, use Built-In Backup to have BigBusiness Server make its backup copies. Then use manual backup or automated backup, or cloud backup of those files to finish.

This makes backups on the same computer for instant access and offsite backups, too.

  SQL Server

Built-in SQL Server is not needed or used. SQL is used internally, but for serving data, such as Shipping, an external database is used so that only select data is made available.

Shipping uses MySQL to share data, such as Addresses and Tracking for orders, only. MySQL has drivers for any systems, including 32-bit, making it ideal for connectivity.

Leave SQL Server in the BigBusiness Server turned off and install MySQL or Postgres. Contact if you need help with installation or configuration.

  Library Update

Library Update helps with text handling by updating Unicode libraries and re-indexing.

This change is seamless and notable only for automatically re-indexing your Data File. This is a reason why an update might unexectedly perform indexing on your Data File.

  Unlock Date

Unlock Date helps you protect Locked periods in System Prefs from Unlock Periods.

Unlock Periods is a Special Access setting for an Employee to change locked periods. By setting an Unlock Date you limit changes to on or after the Unlock Date you set.