Special Access

Big Business includes Special Access settings on the Access tab of the Employee card.

Settings include:
• Unlock Batch Delete
• Unlock Lists
• Unlock Periods
• Unlock Protected Accounts
• Unlock Protected Transactions
• Unlock Retained Earnings
• Unlock Status Inactive

This Solution describes Special Access settings. (6253)

• Unlock Batch Delete - this setting allows employee to use Batch Delete

• Unlock Lists - works with Employee Prefs to Lock Lists, allowing designated users to edit Lists

• Unlock Periods - allow the user to work in a locked period

• Unlock Protected Accounts - adds all Accounts to the Category List (and undermines data integrity by allowing access to protected, calculated accounts)

• Unlock Protected Transactions - unlocks transactions such as paid invoices

• Unlock Retained Earnings - adds Retained Earnings to the Category List

• Unlock Status Inactive - works with Lock Inactive, allowing designated users to edit Inactive



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