Connect Settings

Connect Settings is a new Tab on the Company card to make more room for Settings. These Settings tools are where you store Keys.

While you edit these Settings for a connection, the connection is paused. Depending on your licensing, you may have multiple connections per service. Turning on Auto-Connect starts a connection to the service from your Big Business Server.

  Renamed Changes

Add Shipment was Shipped
Connect Settings was Company Settings
Controls toolbar was Control
Controls tab was Control

  Removed Changes

• Disable New Listings removed from Company card, Advanced Controls

  Chapter 327 Orders Controls

Orders Controls are implemented with the MRP Add-On to let you control workflow.

Big Business shows you order totals for an item, like Allocated for open sales orders, On Order for purchase orders, and Needed for what you might need to buy or build.

MRP shows you order details for an item, like Allocated for each sales order line item, so you can plan which orders can be released to fill now an