Larger Pulldowns and Alerts

Big Business 8.6 includes changes for easier use on small screens, such as tablets, including:
• Larger Pulldowns
• Larger Drop-down menus
• Larger Alerts

This Solution describes these changes. (6290)

  Comment Field

Comment is being where useful, including:
• Customer Card

This Solution provides details for use. (6293)

  Record Locking for Data Protection

Big Business 8 adds new features for data integrity:
• Locking related POs and Bills (8.7)
• Locking related Invoices and Receipts (8.6)

In earlier versions of Big Business it is possible to create errors by editing multiple records at the same time, such as editing related POs and Bills at the same time to create a discrepancy in Purchase Order Status or a Qty Open.

This Solution describes these features. (6295)

  Customer Update

Larrry was the first to notice a slowdown saving a Receive Money entry when paying 500 Invoices at time. Jim took greater notice because he might have 1000 Invoices for Amazon on one Receipt and he is working remotely (running Big Business Client and connecting to Big Business Server hosted in another state).

Larry and Jim are stars for bringing the initiative and insight needed to optimize the Customer Update function, which was taking too long when paying hundreds of Invoices at once. (6302)

  Big Business 9.10

9.10 Features:
- CSV and FWT for Imports
- Import NULL Support (6565)
- Import Purchase Order Line Items (6564)
- Stored Attachments (6494)
- Description Width (6563)
- New Fields on Imports (6516)
- Ebay for Bigcommerce
- QuickFilter (6562)

9.10 Fixes:
- Custom Fields for Bigcommerce (6308)
- Autocomplete keys (6536)

  Extras Folder

Big Business 11 adds an Extras folder to the Big Business folder.

This solution details contents and customization options for the new Extras folder. (6701)

  Renamed Changes

Add Shipment was Shipped
Connect Settings was Company Settings
Controls toolbar was Control
Controls tab was Control

  Removed Changes

• Disable New Listings removed from Company card, Advanced Controls