Typeahead (6363)

  Auto Email

Auto Email is a new setting in My Prefs for testing new options in emailing.

• Classic is the setting used by default and uses Applescript in a standard way.
• New Mac also uses Applescript but in a new way to work with new Macs.
• Server is a setting to Auto Send from Big Business Server.

With Big Business 13.49, Classic is no longer the default but can be selected if needed.

  Listbox Listings

Big Business 13.42 updates Listings to use Listboxes, including Account Listing, Advanced Print Options, Auto Update Listing, Bank Listing, Bin Listing, Category Listing, Currencies Listing, Customer Terms Listing, Ecwid Listing, Employee Listing, Folder Listing, From Listing, Inventory Categories, Item Type Listing, Open Notify Listing, Other Charges Listing, Payables Categories, Print Options, R

  Chapter 82 Interface Basics

Big Business uses a variety of user interface elements to make the UI fast and easy.

This chapter covers basic techniques for data-entry, selecting from lists, adding to lists, and so on. Learning techniques like using Typeahead effectively will save you time.

Please send any questions or suggestions for changes to support@bigbusiness.com.

  Quantity Format

Quantity Format is updated for new Database. Quote, Order, Invoice, Requisition, Purchase Order, Bill, Item Adjustment, and Warehouse Transfer have been updated.

Pictured is a custom setting to display three decimal places even when zero (1.000).

To edit settings, go System toolbar, Company card, to Number Formats. Any format you need, with commas or spaces, currency symbols, and so on, is sup

  Update MTD/YTD

Update MTD/YTD is a recalculation of Quantities on the Item card for Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date.

This option is only needed to correct tallies when the Year End Month is changed, changing the fiscal year, because of change of ownership or corporation status or type.

To use this option go to Items Search, find and select items, click Update, and choose Update MTD/YTD and click OK.