Entering Text into Data Fields

Entering Text into Data Fields (6364)

Data fields allow you to freely enter text and numbers. Some data fields, such as address fields, allow you to enter any combination of letters and numbers. Others, such as those calling for a dollar amount, prevent you from entering inappropriate characters. Still other fields are specially formatted for certain kinds of information. For example, phone number fields are formatted for phone numbers. All you do is enter the numbers. Big Business inserts parentheses and hyphens in the right places.

The size of a data field is a general indication of how much information can be entered:

• Small fields, like those used for a name or address, are limited to the number of characters that will fit into the visible area of the field. Some small fields, such as an address field, allow you to enter multiple lines, but each line is limited in length.

• Larger data fields, like those used for comments in some windows, can contain a large amount of text. If you enter more than will fit in the visible area, scroll bars appear. In these larger fields, lines wrap as they do in a word processor.


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