Entering Data

Entering Data (6362)

Because Big Business contains many different kinds of data, there are several ways to enter it:
• Data fields are used for text that you freely enter?addresses, account numbers, comments, and so on.

• Predefined fields contain information that is restricted to a range of possible alter- natives. For example, when you enter a customer contact, you can choose from a number of possible titles. In most cases, you can make changes to the list of choices. There are two kinds of predefined fields: QuickChoose and QuickPop. These fields are described in "Entering Information in Predefined Fields" later in this chapter.

• Line items are for information about transactions. For example, when you create an invoice, you enter information about each item the customer purchases. You enter line item information into rows and columns in specially designated areas.

The following sections include instructions about how to enter data in each of these types of fields. The next section, "Typing Ahead," describes a shortcut you can use when entering data in certain kinds of fields.



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