Batch Printing

Batch Printing simplifies printing multiple forms or Custom Forms together into one PDF or Email Attachment or to Preview or a Printer.

This Solution provides an overview. (6584)

Untax Shipping

Using TaxJar automatically computes Taxable Subtotal and submits Other Charges as Shipping, which TaxJar determines to be taxable or untaxable.

To allow concurrent use of TaxJar and classic tax calculations in Big Business, Other Charges marked Taxable are automatically recalculated before submission.

If you are using TaxJar exclusively, you can remove Taxable from all Other Charges and leave th

Selection Error

-9946 is a Database Error that occurs when clearing a selection that does not exist.

In the picture only one invoice is being printed--using a Custom Form which needs a selection to keep track of its progress. Since there only one invoice the selection is not created, and the error is generated when attempting to clear the selection unnecessarily.

This example has been fixed but should you enc

Chapter 141 Zip-Tax Connect

This chapter describes Zip-Tax Connect tools and features. (7236)

Zip-Tax Connect

Zip-tax Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, Zip-Tax.

This Solution provides details. (7237)

Zip-Tax Registration

This Solution describes Registering the Zip-Tax Connect Add-On. (7238)

Zip-Tax Setup

Zip-Tax Setup lets you enter your API Key, Test the connection, and choose Mappings to use for calculating Taxes on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

This Solution provides details. (7239)

FedEx Error

Big Business includes shortcuts to Copy or look up Tracking for UPS and FedEx on the Shipping tab of Orders. FedEx moved this lookup, so we have updated accordingly. If you are using an old version and get their 404 page (pictured), this is the cause (they moved the page). Use the Copy option in Big Business and the link to their new page until you have a chance to install an Update to Big Busi

New Comments

New Comments fixes a display problem on the Mac.