Zip-Tax Connect

Zip-tax Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, Zip-Tax.

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Zip-Tax Connect is an Add-On for Big Business to automatically connect to the sales tax system Zip-Tax.

• Zip-Tax Lookup puts a button on the Expanded tab of Quote, Order, and Invoice
• Use Zip-Tax puts a checkbox on a Tax Status to automatically perform the lookup when you save Quote, Order, or Invoice

To set up:

1. Go to Company card, Upgrade, Zip-Tax and enter Registration. Email to if you'd like a Trial code for your Data File. The Trial Code for the Demo File is 38416. Click OK to save.

2. Re-open the Company card, Company Prefs tab, and click Zip-Tax Setup button. Enter your API Key received from Choose Automatic for Quote Taxes, Order Taxes, and Invoice Taxes. Click OK to save.

3. Go to Customer Prefs and turn on Load Addresses.

Restart Clients to load the new settings and on the Expanded tab of a Quote, Order, or Invoice click the Zip-Tax Lookup button when ready.


  Chapter 141 Zip-Tax

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