Chapter 141 Zip-Tax Connect

This chapter describes Zip-Tax Connect tools and features. (7236)

Zip-taxConnect makes it easy to connect and get sales tax data from Zip-Tax. Setup is three steps: Registration, Settings, and Mappings.

Registration is the first step. This turns on Zip-Tax Connect and its tools. You will receive an email with Registration Code and step-by-step instructions for setup.

Settings is the next step, entering the credentials Zip-Tax Connect needs. Open the Company card again and go to the Company Prefs tab and click the on the Zip-Tax Settings button. Enter the appropriate settings, choosing Automatic for mappings.

Mappings let you change what data gets sent, if needed. Go to the Zip-Tax tool on the System toolbar. Select a Mapping from the list and make needed changes. Then, click Save As... in the lower right and save your new Mapping ("MyOrderTaxes").

You can return to Settings in the Company Prefs tab of Company card to select your new Mappings. Then edit your Tax Status entries to Use Zip-Tax.


  Chapter 141 Zip-Tax

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