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Screen Cleanup

There are a lot of options for icons, backgrounds, and resizing of windows in Big Business. Often there is a combination of setttings that does display optimally. If you run into one, please let us know. Sometimes it is fixed by resetting. Sometimes it needs cleanup.

This Solution will detail changes as needed. (7033)

BigCommerce II

BigCommerce Connect II extends the connection from Big Business to your BigCommerce store to update Products and Customers, set customer-specific pricing, and more. Fully automatic and fully customizable, it enables powerful functions for wholesale B2B (business-to-business) or retail B2C ecommerce.

This Solution provides details. (7167)
Ch 73: BigCommerce II

Upload Items

Click Upload on the Items Search to update Products in your online store.

This tool is restricted by Employee. Once you have Connect enabled for your web store, you must set Allow for each employee.

This Solution provides details. (7168)
Ch 73: BigCommerce II
Cloud Services

Connect Changes

Connect tools and features change quickly. There are many tools in Big Business to connect to external systems and exchange data. These need to be updated for security or other requirements that change.

This Solution lists important changes including those to:
• Web Notify - for sending order tracking and shipping status
• Update Availablity - for setting inventory levels in your online sto
(Up) Chapter 12 Connect
Connect Settings

Update Availability

Update Availablity lets you update your online inventory in real time. If you have 10 Widgets and sell 2 in your online store, it now thinks you have 8. If you then take a phone order for 5, you need to update the store so it knows there are only 3 left. Big Business can do this for you automatically. (7170)
Ch 73: BigCommerce II


Link-Only lets you connect your Items in Big Business to the matching products in your web store. Big Business does this by looking up the Item Code in the Product SKU, for example, and capturing the Product ID. Big Business can then update your online inventory in real time.

This Solution describes this entry. (7171)
Ch 73: BigCommerce II

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