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Note Checking

Note Checking is being recycled. To continue to use this feature you would need to turn it on in Company, Prefs. Leave it Off for instant, Instant On, though.

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Instant On

Order References

Order References are extra fields you can import with Orders, namely:
• Ref Order Number
• Ref Order Tax
• Ref Order Total
• Ref Item Tax
• Ref Item Tax Code

These entries are for reference and may or may not be used to replace calculated results. You might use Ref Order Number to have the order number from your web store to put on Notifications.

Instant On

Instant On allows Big Business Client to Sleep. Shut your laptop or leave your computer set to sleep and when it wakes on the same network, Big Business Client will resume working instantly.

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TaxJar Response

Big Business uses the Response from TaxJar to record tax details and generate reporting with names of States, Counties, Cities, and Special Districts, along with Rates and Amounts.

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TaxJar Categories

TaxJar maintains a list of product categories for items that are exempt or taxed a reduced rates in some jusrisdictions. With this option, you can assign a Code and have it automatically applied. For example, Food & Grocery has the code 40030 and may be exempt from State tax in some states.

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TaxJar Categories Search

Tax Code

Tax Code is a new field on Item card, History tab, used to assign a Code for sales tax lookup. Different systems have different code formats so this is simply a text box.

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TaxJar Categories Search

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