Note Checking

Note Checking is being Retired. To continue to use this feature you would need to turn it on in Company, Prefs. Leave it Off for instant, Instant On, though.

The Solution describes this setting. (7130)

Big Business Notes let users send messages to other users on the system and attach Big Business entries or documents. Each user has preferences, in My Prefs, for how often to check for new Notes. If the Users' preferences are set to Don't Check, they will only be notified of new Notes when they Sign In to Big Business.

Big Business has a new setting to check for new Notes, Every Minute.

To choose this new setting:
1. Sign In to Big Business
2. Go to the Notes toolbar
3. Open the Notes Prefs at the end of the Notes toolbar
4. Under Check for New Notes, choose Every Minute
5. Click the OK button to save changes.


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