New Window

The New Window setting lets you choose to always open a new window. The default setting in Big Business is to only open one Order, one Item Adjustment, one instance of any tool.

You can hold Shift to open another instance of a tool, so a new Order won't force you to close another Order already open on your screen.

Or you can change the New Window setting in My Prefs to Advanced, which will always open a new window. Just don't open too many windows. Like opening too many programs, too many windows will fill up memory and slow down your computer.

This Solution describes this option. (6486)

The Open New Windows setting lets you choose to always open a new window (Advanced) or re-use open windows (Regular).

To set Open New Windows:
1. Go to Notes toolbar
2. Open Notes Prefs
3. For Open New Windows choose Regular or Advanced
4. Click OK to Save Notes Prefs


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