My Prefs

Big Business helps you customize your work environment by offering each user a choice of styles and settings in My Prefs. My Prefs lets you choose settings for:
• Notes
• Windows
• Tool tips
• Sort Order
• Fonts
• Printing
• Emailing

This Solution provides details for some of these settings. (5720)

Check For New Notes sets how often you will be alerted to new Notes from other Users. If set to Never, you will be alerted to new Notes when Signing In. You can also check for Notes with Note Search on the Notes toolbar.

Default Window Size automatically opens the window to a larger size.

Default Sort Order let you set Descending if you want Searches and Histories to show most recent on top.

NOTE that flexiblity is favored over functionality, making it easy to accidentally choose an unworkable combination, like a Font so large that the information you need to see does not fit.

Various options for testing are included, for testing, and greyed out to indicate they are possibly incomplete, unworkable, or possibly impermanent.


User Prefs for Font
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