Verifying the Version of Big Business You Are Running

This Solutions describes various methods for determining the exact version of Big Business you are currently using and methods for updating.

There are several iterations of Big Business 2.0. As of this writing the current version is 2.0.7, essentially the seventh minor update of 2.0. Each minor update contains fixes to problems and performance enhancements.

Along the way there are substantia

  Setting History Views

Using the options found in Big Business Prefs (preference) windows, you can dramatically reduce load time for Histories by limiting them. (3400)

  Q&A: Can I Run a Client on My Big Business Server?

The impetus for this question is clear. It takes four computers to run a three user version of Big Business, because a "dedicated" server is required. The impression is that your best, fastest computer is "not being used" because it is dedicated to the task of serving. Wouldn't it be nice if this machine could function as a workstation and perform as a server in the background?

This Solution p

  Q&A: How Does My Internet Connection Affect Big Business?

We receive a good number of inquiries from Big Business users who are upgrading their Internet connections to offerings such as ISDN and DSL. The most common questions relate to a server's function in the connection, remote-access for Big Business, and any problems to watch out for.

This Solution provides some basic information to illustrate the impact that adding or changing your Internet conne

  Slower Performance After Running Tools

Running Big Business Tools (4D Tools) to Compact and/or Recover your Company File is critical to proper performance and may provide dramatic speed increases:
• Compact removes unused space (deleted records) and reindexes the file
• Recover rebuilds the file (in essence defragmenting it) and reindexes
These procedures are covered in detail in other Solutions.

A Recovered data file may be dramati

  Q&A: What Do I Do If I'm SAD?

Q: I was recently recognized in my office as Most Computer Savvy. Now I'm SAD (System Administrator by Default). What should I do now that I'm SAD?

This Solution provides tips for the Big Business Server network administrator. (3497)

  Split Postings Problems

Big Business will generate an error when trying to save a transaction if the necessary Accounts are not specified. For example, an invoice including an Inventoried Item that does not have a Cost of Goods category specified will not save because the postings do not balance. BB displays an error message indicating there is a problem with Categories and requesting that you check the Split Postings

  Add PDF

Add PDF is a customization to automatically includes a PDF containing Terms and Conditions or other needed information when printing or emailing a Sales Order or Purchase Order. (6331)

  Improving Performance for Large Data Files

Improving Big Business Performance for Large Data Files (3166)