Improving Performance for Large Data Files

Improving Big Business Performance for Large Data Files (3166)

When you consider that a single transaction creates numerous entries, and that Big Business keeps an ongoing history with each transaction intact--even across multiple years--you begin to realize how much data your company actually generates. For a more objective view, examine the size of your data file. Big Business data files generally start in the tens of megabytes, but can grow over time to several hundred.

Sifting through this data to find the specific information you are looking for in a timely fashion, requires quick access to the bulk of your data that contains the information being searched. If you have an adequate amount of Random Access Memory, your search will be fast. Without enough RAM, Big Business will turn to the hard drive to find your information. RAM is approximately three orders of magnitude faster than your hard drive!

The most effective options for improving performance are:

• Making more RAM available to Big Business.

• Keeping your Company file's indexes clean by Compacting your file with Tools on a periodic basis.

• Rebuilding your Company file using Tools to Recover By Tags on a less frequent basis.

• Keeping your setup current.

Advanced procedures, beyond the scope of the document, accommodate files sizes into the hundreds of megabytes. Contact Technical Support for details.


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