Folder Errors

When running normally, Folder Connect can report intermittent errors if there is trouble with your Internet connection. Or if you are setting up, it may report an error connecting at all. Or processing it may report an unexpected error like, No orders created. You may receive hundreds of errors that happened overnight--easily deleted--but you will not miss anything important.

This Solution lists various errors. (6930)

Folder Connect reports any error(s). When running normally, these are sent in a Note to the user listed in setup for Send Notifications To.

Pictured is a Note sending an error, No Orders Created. Note Subject tells you the Description you put in setup ("bigbusiness"). Note tells you the errors. Attachments provides a copy of any problem file (Bing search file that shouldn't be here).

Some possible errors include:

7 - Failed to connect.

21 - Quote error. The command could not be completed.

67 - Login denied. Name and Password may be incorrect.