Handling Credit Card Processing Fees Using a Bank Account

One method that gives you control over your credit card receipts is to create a clearing account as a Bank Account in Big Business to which you deposit the full amount of each Receive Money. As these funds are captured and deposited in batches you can transfer to the appropriate Bank Account the net amount of the deposit.

Issues such as discounts, processing fees, any delay imposed by your mer

  Receiving Money

Receiving Money (6467)

  Entering Customer and Payment Information

Entering Customer and Payment Information (6468)

  Applying Payments to Invoices

Applying Payments to Invoices (6469)

  To Receive Money from a Customer

To Receive Money from a Customer (6470)

  Viewing Payment Posting Information

Viewing Payment Posting Information (6471)

  Receiving Miscellaneous Payments

Receiving Miscellaneous Payments (6472)

  Credit Card Processing Discounts

This solution offers one option for processing credit card receipts on which transaction charges are immediately applied and only the net amount is deposited to you bank account. This solution assumes that you do not use Customer Discounts Allowed in their normal capacity (i.e. giving Customers a discount for paying their invoices early, such as 2% 10 Net 30 Terms, which are due in 30 days but of

  To Receive a Miscellaneous Payment

To Receive a Miscellaneous Payment (6473)

  Resolving Unapplied Payments

Unapplied Receive Money transactions can result in a Customer Statement with a 0.00 zero-dollar balance, indicating that they have "open" Invoices and offsetting Receive Money payments which have not been applied to their Invoices. (3167)